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Want humanely produced eggs? Most hens on our farm are rescued from commercial egg operations or locally from the community and are allowed to live out their full lives. They eat no-soy organic feed and fresh organic produce, can roam in ample outdoor areas, take dust baths, lay in the sun, and catch worms and bugs. We protect the hens from predators, but do not kill wildlife. The chickens receive good medical care if they are hurt or sick (our farm has a poultry vet). We also offer duck eggs (seasonal).

Listing last updated on Apr 1, 2011

Humanely produced eggs from primarily rescued hens allowed to live out their full lives. Great organic feed, good medical care, and ample outdoor space keep our hens in terrific shape. You'll notice the difference! We sell at the Los Gatos (Sun) farmers market and Samba Rock Acai Cafe (Santa Cruz). Before heading to the market, be sure to check our website for our current market schedules.

Schedule and Location:

Sunday morning: Los Gatos Farmers Market
Samba Rock Acai Cafe, Santa Cruz, All Week

Because we are a small operation, occasionally we have to miss a market if something comes up on the farm.

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The day I discovered Black Hen Farm was the day I started eating eggs again. Concerns over the treatment and fate of chickens had kept me from buying eggs for several years.... [more]

Black Hen Farm's eggs taste great and as a bonus have omega 3s from the flax in their food. They are the only eggs I'll buy because I know the chickens are so well cared for and have happy, full lives (they aren't killed).... [more]

Cheryl's girls produce the best tasting eggs. Make sure to reserve ahead of time or she will sell out. The best thing about this is you are supporting animal rescue with your purchase!!!

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