Black Mountain Ranch

Black Mountain Ranch is family owned and operated. On the ranch there are years-old black walnut trees that we began harvesting a couple of years ago. Planted by former landowners, who as they aged let the fields go fallow, the trees were sturdy enough to withstand many years of vines, flooding and droughts. When we purchased the property and began clearing it for horse pastures, we discovered the numerous black walnut trees. A couple of years ago, we began harvesting and cleaning the nuts for sale.

Currently we sell only black walnuts, shelled and unshelled, but have plans for organic heirloom tomatoes, free-range eggs, honey and other produce that grows well on the land that we are not using for our horses. Black Mountain Ranch specializes in starting and training horses for trail riding and endurance competitions.

Listing last updated on Jul 18, 2014

Naturally grown and hand-harvested black walnuts from our ranch in the mountains of Northeast Georgia

Freshly Harvested Black Walnuts
(From $5.00)
Naturally grown, pesticide-free, hand-harvested and hulled black walnuts in shells from our family-owned ranch


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