Black Turtle Beans

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Black Turtle Beans

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This is a small black, kidney-shaped bean with a particularly rich and full flavor. It's a favorite in southern Mexico, South America and the Caribbean's. Great with rice and meat, particularly good in soups and casseroles. Also known as Turtle Soup Beans, Mexican Blacks and Frijoles Negros.

Packaged in 1 pound resealable bags

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The closer it's grown to you, the fresher it is. And of course, the fresher the produce, the better it tastes. Many large corporate farmers often harvest their crops before they're fully ripe, and then refrigerate them so that they don't go bad during transportation, such produce often does not fully ripen to its full flavor as it would if it had ripened naturally. Produce loses it's flavor and freshness at each step: during refrigeration, during shipping, and while held in warehouses along the distribution chain. Bountiful Blessings Farm Produce strives to offer folks the freshest and tastiest vegetables available.

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