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Mayhaw Berry Harvest

Photo of berriesI'm Bobbie's daughter, Christine, and she asked me get this blog up and running. I live in California, and the ranch is in Florida. I take care of the website and online stuff. 

It's Mayhaw Berry harvesting season at the ranch right now. Mayhaws are trees native to a few states in the southern US. They are actually part of the apple family, but the fruit is small - berry sized. 

There are 15 trees in the stand. Some of them 50 years old. They live in pond water; not because they are so thirsty, but because it protects them from the fires that occur as part of Florida's natural ecosystem. 

Bobbie, Fred and whoever they can get to help canoe through the shallow pond harvesting berries that fall from the trees and float. When the berries are ripe, they can shake them out of the trees.

Everyone at the ranch is getting ready for the 4th Annual Mayhaw Farm Day on May 15th. Details are posted here on Local Harvest events. 

Happy May!

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