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Spring at our place and outfoxing Foxy!

Foxy is really brazen this time of year.  She must have kits in her den.  Every spring she comes stalking the pasture raised hens and any chicks running around.   She'll come right up to the house in the middle of the day trying to catch a meal.  One of the girls apparently didn't get into the coop last night since we can trace the feather path by the coop that goes on out into the pasture    She really put up a fight but I'm sure she is gone.  We count at night about once a week.  We're down to 36 now which includes 2 roosters. Sure eats into our egg production.  I guess we'll keep them in most of the day now.  We actually set up our chairs outside the hen house to relax with our end of the day toddy and babysit the hens so they can spend time outside.

The two roosters are an odd pair.  A friend gave us a Silky. Typical bantam - mean - and he does rule the roost.   He keeps the big guy that looks like a Rhode Island Red on alert.  Big Guy won't come in the roost at night until he looks around to see where Silky is.  Then he makes a run for the highest rung.  Foxy got our other rooster.  He took to roosting out in one of the pastures with the goats.  Big mistake! 

It is rather cool (63 degrees F) for our area this morning but the weather is beautiful.  It's a good thing that my waders are insulated because I'm getting ready to capturing mayhaws again today. 




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