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Happy Holidays to all!!!

Hello everyone, my apologies for not blogging in a while, things have been very hectic here with the holidays upon us.

I wanted to send everyone warm winter wishes for the holiday season and all the best of blessings for 2010. A special thank you to all of my customers throughout the years and to everyone at Local Harvest for all the hard work and time to make the site a success!

A quick note, if you are still looking for some great New Years treats, you can try something we have done for many years. If you enjoy my Snuggle Up Tea and would like to add a twist, try adding a teaspoon of Apple Schnapps to your infusion before serving. It's a great winter warm up and folks at your party will love the flavor.

If you like Peppermint and want a added touch, we add a dash of Peppermint Schnapps to the infusion before serving and then garnish with a candy cane . . . folks love it!!!

Just a couple little things we do every year in place of traditional spirits for our guests, give them a try and I am sure your party guests will love them too. You can find both teas and others which you can add spirits too as well here at my Local Harvest store.

Peaceful Blessings and Holiday Greetings to all!

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