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Herbs, supplements and picky pets!

So you have a picky pet that will not take anything, no vitamins, no tinctures, no oils, nothing . . . how do you get them to take what's good for them if they go and hide when they see you coming with the dropper? I get asked this question pretty much daily and decided to blog about it to help folks out that just are just at their wits end with picky pets.

Cats can be easier then dogs despite their independence! If you have a capsule (vitamin, probiotic, herbal supplement) first try breaking open the capsule and sprinkling it over the food. Most cat's will take it especially if you are mixing it with a canned food they enjoy. Tried this, still no luck, try adding the supplement to tuna juice. I know my cat's little jowels cannot water enough when she hears the can opener opening tuna! Tuna is pretty much a fail safe with any herbal remedy (tincture, tonic, infusion, decoction, oil) or supplement. Still no luck, try adding the remedy (whatever it may be) to a small amount of ground beef, turkey or chicken - cat's are carnivore's and should eat it with no problems and will never be the wiser to know they was something good for them in the "magic meatball"! If you have an ill cat that has difficulty eating, you may want to try a vitamin supplement with a milk base found at your local pet store, add the supplement ot remedy to the milk based product - added nutrition plus the remedy. Cat still fussy, tried all the above and she still runs away? Try adding your supplements to plain milk, however, if you cat suffers from feline acne, I do not recommend this. Dry food or kibble can always be soaked with chicken/beef or vegetable broth and then the supplements added too.

Dogs usually take almost anything you give them, I know my Golden Retriever takes any herbal remedy or vitamins with no problems but there are some finnicky pups out there. Same as with a cat, try sprinkling any capsule based remedy over the food first, if no luck add it to wet food or if your pet is on a "you cook for him diet" then add it right to the stew you are cooking up. If can still sniff it out, try putting the caspules, oil or tincture into a piece of bread, basically, let the liquid soak in the bread and then give it as a treat. Did that too  . . . ok, just as a cat, dogs are carnivore's too, so when all else fails, add the remedy/vitamin/medication or whatever you are giving to a meatball of your choice. This usually works every time! Try soaking the kibble in broth of your choice and add fresh or steamed veggies for a more enticing meal, most dogs love veggies so you should see him clean the plate.

For vegan pets - you can make a "cheat ball" - mix brown rice, grains or choice, coucous or even make a smoothie for your pet using plain yogurt. Add the supplement and watch them enjoy!

I like to recommend plain yogurt as a treat for pets because it is full of natural probiotics and will aid in their digestion and overall health. Cats love it as do dogs, some picky cats will eat a yogurt treat added with supplements of your choice but I have found that some will detect the scent especially if you are administering a strong aroma based herbal remedy.

Most of my pet remedies are organic vegetable glycerin based and I do this for many reasons but one of the one main ones is for ease of administration - how do you say? Simple, vegetable glycerin is thicker and stickier then water, alcohol or any other aqueous based tinctures so when you drop it out of the dropper it will stick to their fur! If all else fails and you are administering an organic glycerin based tincture, drop the directed dosage amount on your pet's paw, I promise, he will lick it off, it's in their nature so they will be getting the tincture despite their stubborness  . . problem solved  . . if you are administering a tincture made with another menstruum you may have to try th above suggestions as most will roll off the fur and your pet will not be getting the recommended dose.

My pet's are very good vitamin and herb taker's, it really is all they know but I get the occasional cold shoulder from my feline friend and have come up with lots of other ways too of getting the gooodies in! My cat and dog love Acidophilus, they both lick it off my hand like the world's best treat - you can try this with your pet too - especially cats's, I have rarely come across a cat that does not like Acidophilus (probiotics), scent is similar to milk and they usually will almost lick the skin off your hand being sure they get it all!!

I hope this helps answer the question . .how do I get this good stuff in my pet?

If you have any questions or need other suggestions, please feel free to email me at

Peaceful Blessings to you and your pet!

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