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New Additions to the Medical Teas from Amazing Grace Herbals LLC

Hello All!

It's been a while since I have posted a blog, been busy and trying to keep up with life in general that when I do have a second, its late and time for some Chamomile Tea and off to bed!

I have so many herbal blends and remedies in addition to what I list here on Local Harvest and so many wonderful folks have asked me to please add them to the Local Harvest website - so - I have!!!

I have recently added:

B Vitamin Herbal Tea Blend which is a wonderful way to get all of your much needed B vitamins in their raw form.

Adrenal Stimulating Tea which really helps get the adrenals going when they are sluggish and not working at their most efficient.

Sinus Steam Herbal Blend great for stuffy noses, allergies, cold or if you just want to hydrate your nasal passages. Can be used in a neti pot if you like.                                                

All of my blends are accompanied with a fact sheet of information, directions for use as well as other natural suggestions.

I will try to add more but I have one nice lady (and you know who you are if you are reading this) that LOVES these above blends and has been using them for years so, I decided to finally sit and take a few minutes to add them so everyone else can enjoy them too!

Many blessings and enjoy each day!


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