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20 Minute or less skin care routine for healthy skin

With the warmer weather upon us and as we grab for the sun block, I am frequently asked what is the best routine I do to keep my skin happy and healthy? There are lots of things especially in our diets to keep our glow about us but if you want to keep your skin looking great try starting a simple cleansing routine every day or night to topically help while you work on the internal side of skin.

I will blog more about "skin internals" at a later time but thought I would share a really quick skin care routine to get you going for the summer months.

20-Minute Skin Care Routine


1.       Cleanse face with gentle cleanser to suit skin type, using a cotton ball or a washcloth.


2.       Steam face with head over bowl of steaming hot water for 2 minutes.


3.       Apply a moisturizing, purifying face mask composed on French green clay.


4.       Bathe or shower with a few drops of relaxing essential oil or invigorating oil in the water. You may also put herbal tea bags like my Puffy Eye Tea, or cucumber or potato slices over your eyes to remove the bagginess around the eyes. I like to put the cucumbers in the freezer for a few minutes to really help with deep opening of the capillaries. Relax totally for 10 minutes.


5.       Pat body dry with thick warm towels. Apply a natural body lotion like cocoa butter all over while skin is still moist. Take special care of feet, knees, elbows, and neck. If you prefer using oils on your skin try coconut, jojoba or almond.


6.       Remove mask with warm water and spray or splash face with mineral water.


7.       Apply an eye-soothing gel or aloe vera (fresh if possible) if you are going out or night eye cream (if you are going to bed) around eyes and on lids.


8.       Apply moisturizer to face if going out, or your favorite night cream/oil if not. My favorite for either day or night use is Camocare light moisturizer.


9.       Apply a natural hand cream and a nail cream around cuticles. I use cocoa butter as a lotion and use Vitamin E oil or almond oil on my cuticles.

Breathe deep, relax and enjoy the aura of your skin, it is the largest organ and needs some forgotten pamerping too!

Peaceful Blessings!

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