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Bach's Flower Essnces - Part 1

I love working with the various flower essences and make many myself. I use all different types including Australian, Alaskan, Light Heart and Indigo to name a few. I am going to blog about Bach's essences as these are the essences most commonly found in the US and are easy to obtain from most health food or new age stores.

The Essences are wonderful and in part one I will discuss how they work and how to adminitser, in part two I will list the essences with explanaitions of what they are used to treat.

Sometimes it can be trial and error with the essences until you can find the exact one that you body needs and will utilize. The essences are safe for use on anyone including babies and animals. I was raised using the essences and have become quite fond of their healing energies. I am a good standing member of the Flower Essence Society and use essences in many specialized remedies especially for pets with emotional and behavioral concerns.

Flower essence therapy works on a similar mechanism as homeopathy. Parts of the flower are diluted and then potentised to become effective. The flower essences are found in liquid form. Thus, the remedies work on an energetic level, similar to homeopathy, acupuncture and Reiki. They affect the mental and emotional parts of our being. Dr. Bach felt that physical illness can be caused by emotional upset and by fixing the emotional balance the physical illness disappeared.

Flower essences work to heal physical, mental and emotional illness. All of the aforementioned illnesses affect each other in one way or another. Therefore, flower essences restore the inner balance by working on the vital force. The vital force is an inner force within the body that governs our strength and well-being. As we get sick our vital force weakens and therefore, the flower essences work on our vital force to strengthen it. The particles of the essences work in specific patterns. This means that certain essences cure certain illnesses.  Overall, flower essence are to said to release negative emotions and help heal and calm, using either internally or externally non toxic and have no side effects.I hope this information has given you an idea of another form of natural therapy for humans and animals.


To make up a combination, use 2 drops of each desired flower essence to one ounce of water; for Rescue Remedy use 4 drops per ounce of water. You can add up to 20% alcohol (usually brandy or vodka) as a preservative as desired, but some dislike the taste or cannot have alcohol. I prefer to use organic apple cider vinegar as a preserving menstruum. You can use flower remedies straight from the stock bottle, but they taste rather unpleasant. You may use up to 6 essences in combination, with Rescue Remedy counting as one essence. In general, use the fewest essences possible.

The remedy can be given by mouth, which is the most effective method. Only a few drops (4-8) are necessary, and need not be swallowed, but only must contact the mucous membranes (gums, tongue, lips). Be careful not to contaminate the dropper by touching it to the animal or yourself (if this occurs, rinse the dropper in very hot water before returning it to the bottle). You can also add a dropper full to the water dish, or a few drops on wet food (there is no effect of dilution). You can add a dropper full to a spray bottle filled with spring water, and use it to spray a room, carrier, stall, blanket, bed, car, around litter boxes or plants, or other problem areas. You can even put a few drops in your hand and pat an animal on the head and around the ears with it--the head is very sensitive to energy and will absorb the flower essences in this way. In the case of chewing or excessive licking or hot spots, you might want to try applying the remedy directly to the problem spot (IF it isn't too raw, otherwise the remedy will sting); the animal will then consume it when it next licks that area. This works best in cases of acral lick dermatitis.

When conditions have occurred when infection or bacteria may be present, Flower Essences work very well with herbs and supplements such as Colloidal Silver.

Just a few drops (4 - 8) at a time are sufficient. For serious or acute conditions the remedy can be given as often as needed, even every few minutes. For most behavioral problems, you can give 3 to 4 times a day for 2 to 4 weeks. If the response is reached by that time, you may begin to decrease the dosage gradually. You may need to add a dropper full to drinking water or give once a day long-term for some problems.

Look for Part two of my Bach blog which will list the essences in detail.

If you have any questions or would like more information on the essences, please contact me and I will be happy to help -

Peaceful Blessings!

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