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Herbal Ice Cubes

We all try to use as many fresh herbs as possible but what happens when you are left with a small amount and not enough to make your favorite dish? Or how about when you use almost every leaf off the stem but have not even a handful left and you know if you leave it in the fridge it may die or shrivel up in the veggie drawer? Very easy, make herbal ice cubes!

Fill an empty ice cube tray with whatever leftover herbs you have whether it be for cooking, baking, salads or whatever you are using them for. Top off the tray with either water or vegetable broth. I like using the vegetable broth on all culinary and aromatic herbs that you would use for sauces, saute's, soups and baked dishes. I use water when I am freezing herbs like Mint for example which can easily be added to a fresh glass of sun tea.

Once the cubes have frozen, remove them from the tray and store is a resealable food storage bag and be sure to label the bag. Once the herbs freeze, they tend to look alike and you won't know exactly what are using unless you slightly defrost it.

All herbs can be frozen in this way; this is such a special treat in the winter months when you are craving for some fresh cilantro to add to your broth, basil to add to your sauce or just a pinch of sage for your butternut squash soup!  I have also froze many mints as well as lemon balm, lemon verbena, dill, caraway leaf, fennel leaf, sage (I use organic chicken broth to freeze), salad burnet (I use water to freeze and then add it to a homemade ranch dressing recipe), scented geranuims (great for baking, use water to freeze), pineapple sage (fabulous in iced tea, use water to freeze), chives . . . well, now that I think about it, I have frozen in cubes almost every single herb I grow  . . . and that's lot's and lot's and lot's!!!

Enjoy harvesting and happy preserving!

Peaceful Blessings!

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