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Label Reading body care products

Do you ever take the time to read labels on your body soaps, lotions, shampoos or really anything you are putting on your skin? Skin is the largest organ and what you are applying topically is being absorbed into your system and is being utilized by other organs.

Reading labels on skin care products is very important, if you read what was really in there you may put it back. If a tomato was labeled with "Formaldehyde", would you buy it? Probably not, so why then do most people disregard what is in their body lotions? Most don't realize or look at foods the same way they do other products when in reality they are one in the same  . . . body products are food for your skin!

I become especially concerned with skin care needs when young girls begin to learn about cosmetics and all those scented body glittler sprays. Did you know that teenage girls can use up to 17 personal care products per day and adult women can use up to 12! That's a lot of snacks for your skin! I stress skin care with young women because most of the ingredients in drug store brands could intefere with proper hormone production and function during an adolescence time of growth. This change in levels could damage the reproductive system, bone growth, immunity issues and the exposure to these toxins long term in young women who begin breast development could increase the risk of cancer as they age.

These ingredients should be avoided so be sure to check your labels - Ammonia, Formaldehyde, Parabens (just look for this work mixed in with any other words you may not be able to pronounce), Peroxide, Phtalates, Sodium Laurel (laureth) Sulfate, Triclosan and Triethenolamine. I state it like this, if you can't pronounce it or try spelling it again, then chances are it's not the best for you. Sometimes companies mask good ingredients with their scientific names but these companies will also put in parenthesis next to the scientific name, the layman name so you know what you are really buying. (i.e.: Avenna sativa - Oat)

The above ingredients could be found in anything from soap, acne washes, shampoo, conditioners, hair spray, facial and body lotions to nail polish!

Try to avoid synthetic preservatives, heavy frangrances and chemicals - look for products containing pure essential oils and natural based butters and ingredients. Also, be aware - just because the front label may read "natural" be sure to actually read the ingredient list! Some companies boast they are natural because they have a few plant based ingredients but read deeper and you may find sodium laurel sulfate in the blend. In addition, avoid harsh exfoliating and tight firming lotions as well as chemical based anti-aging serums - these are loaded with parabens and synthetics unless they are a natural based product.

Did you know that one of the best forms of exfoliating your feet is a walk on the beach? Instead of the heavy pumice based foot cremes, salves and scrubs; if you live near the sea, take a stroll and feel how soft your piggies will be after!

There are many great natural skin products on the Local Harvest site but if you want to explore more and learn about how natural based soaps and lotions are made check out or for info on natural based skin care and products for young adults go to

Any of the skin care remedies I offer like Grandmom's Queens of Hungary's Water, Astringent Herbs, Herbal Pimple Popper, Herbal Facial Steams or Herbal Hair Rinses are all 100% natural and the carriers I use are natural based and work with the body. I never use any chemicals or preservatives only mediums that are from the Earth to be used with gentle healing on various skin concerns. These are all topical and can be used in conjunction with my Liver Detox Tea or Skin Detox Tea for deeper skin conditions. Did you also know that may skin conditions stem from an overtaxed Liver? Read more about this if you view my Liver Detox Tea.

I hope this helps the next time you grab that watermelon scented lotion, it may smell wonderful but are the side effects worth it long term?

Peaceful Blessings and Happy Pampering!


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This is wonderful information! Our family has become natural in so many ways of our life because of our little boy's allergies and Eczema. We knew that we needed to eliminate chemicals and synthetics from our home...and it has been such a blessing. He has been helped dramatically from the kids chewable probiotic from Vidazorb and we are now on a green mission! I have been thinking a lot about skin care for myself and our daughter as well and am happy to have read this article to take me one step closer to my goal for us! Thanks again, Caroline

Posted by Caroline on June 17, 2009 at 08:15 AM EDT #

I found out that red wine has an anti-aging chemical that helps skin look young, here was the page I was reading that from

Posted by GoodSkin on June 21, 2009 at 10:10 AM EDT #

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