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What's in your feminine care products?

This blog is a little more focused for us ladies, sorry boys but you may not find this as intersting as the ladies or for some, you may not be interested at all. I am blogging about feminine care products because for most of us when that time of the month arrives, we grab for the same feminine products month after month, year after year and chances are they are the same as what you used when you had your first cycle. We tend to be bothered with menses and just want it to pass rather then trying to help ourselves stay well as we embrace its onset.

We all tend to follow the path of the female guardian who first informed you about your body and what will happen. Years ago, feminine products were made differently then they are today and you might be very surprised as to what you are actually using could be harmful. If you remember stories of your Grandmother (I know I do) and Great-Grandmother explaining how there was no such thing as feminine care products, they used rags and cotton towels as products; they were the best choices ever! Technology can be wonderful as well as harmful. We look for convienence rather then safety and who wants to be bothered with washing dirty towels or rags when we have an agenda that is non-stop.  

If you have a daughter or niece, you are likely to share with her what to do and what to use every month and she will take it with her through life as well. It is important to really know what you are using and putting close to your skin because vaginal tissue is very sensitive and can absorb chemicals, toxins and heavy fragrances into the body.

Most mass market feminine hygiene products have gone through a heavy bleaching process using chlorine dioxide. This process contains low level dioxins which are chemical contaminates deemed unsafe for human use by the EPA. Synthetic tampons that have received this process may contribute to varying uterine conditions such as endometriosis, cancer, immune system concerns, fertility concerns, fibroids, pelvic imflammatory disease as well as other female related health ailments.

Besides the bleach, mass market products may also be made with synthetic fibers like viscous rayon which may increase the risk for TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome) as well as other bacterial illnesses or yeast.

If you product contains a fragrance, that perfumey aroma could be highly irritating to sensitive vaginal tissue and some also contain cancer causing parabens.

All of these chemicals could cause minor concerns like itching and discomfort and depending on the sensitivity of your system, it could develop long term concerns. Many of the products do not allow the skin to breathe, especially heavy pads with plastic weaves, these can lead to folliculitis in the groin area which can be very unpleasant.

There are many natural feminine care products that use organic cotton or sea sponge that work just as well as the mass produced products. There are even products that collect flow internally without the use of tampons or sanitary products. I urge you to please check your grocer, market or health food store for these products and give them a try. Feel good knowing you are doing the right thing for your body and you will be able to pass this information onto the next woman of the house so she can continue the natural traditions too.

Personally, I like Natracare products, you can find them in many stores and they are very reasonable. Honestly, I don't know why I decided to blog on this, I was researching a few things and came across some info and just wanted to share it and spread the world. As women, we need to protect every part of our body as well as embrace life's path, try a natural product and you will be surprised at how good you feel. This blog was not meant to offend anyone, I am a big supporter of public awareness and hope that it was an educational read.  :)

Peaceful Blessings and embrace life!

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