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"Sweet Gifts" for the Holidays
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The sap is running and we are boiling!!!!!

Swiss'er Sweet Maple has over 3000 maple trees tap this spring season to bring its customers the best maple syrup from Lewis County, New York. Warm days and cool nights make the sap run up the trees. Our buckets wait for each drip. Our son Lane and his friends gather the sap and deliver it to our sugar house. Owner, Jason Zehr boils it down with the evaporator into its Liquid Gold form. It takes approximately 40 gallons of sap to make one delicious gallon of maple syrup.  Our syrup is then packaged into our Lewis County containers. Did you know that Lewis County is the biggest producing county for maple syrup in NY state? Our maple syrup is also used to make maple candies, maple granulated sugar, and maple cream. Witness the first crop of spring, and taste the tradition of Swiss'er Sweet Maple syrup and products.



Last Minute Christmas Special

Need a last minute Christmas Gift idea for that "sweet" person this holiday season? Check out Swiss'er Sweet Maple's Country Gift Arrangement. Our Maple Country Gift bag contains everything you need for several holiday breakfasts.  Pancake mix, maple coffee, maple candy and of course our delicious maple syrup in a designer glass bottle that can be refilled over and over again!  Our special gift arrangement is $20 plus shipping. Go directly to  and order yours today. Include a Christmas greeting and let Swiss'er Sweet Maple ship for you today! Share our family tradition with your family!    
Happy Holidays!
Swiss'er Sweet Maple                   


A "Sweet" gift this holiday season

Looking for a "Sweet" gift this holiday season? Why not consider a maple gift arrangement or a container of maple syrup from Swiss'er Sweet Maple? Maple season or "sugaring" takes place in late February until early April, however, with a bumper crop, the holiday season tends to be one of our busiest times of the year. Maple syrup is not only the perfect gift, but also great for cooking. Try the recipe below. Let us help you with your holiday shopping. Taste the tradition from our family to yours.

Swiss'er Sweet Maple

Maple Fudge


2 cups sugar
1-cup pure maple syrup
2 tbsp. Corn syrup
1 tsp. Vanilla
1/2 cup milk
1 cup chopped nuts
1 tbsp butter
Candy thermometer
Tall sauce pan

Boil syrup, sugar, milk and corn syrup, stirring constantly until 238 degrees. Remove from heat. Cool to 110 degrees. Add vanilla, nuts & butter. Beat until thick & creamy. Pour into 8” pan and cut into squares when cooled.

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