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It's Maple Season -The trees are tapped!

click to enlarge Swiss'er Sweet Maple's trees are tapped and we are waiting for our first run of maple sap! Did you know that it takes about 40 gallons of maple sap to make 1 Gallon of maple syrup?  It is true! 

  • Sap only has about 2% sugar and could be as low as .5% sugar, and it does not taste sweet to most people. There are many environment reasons for the sweetness of sap.
  • Cold nights (under 30 degrees) and warmer days (25-50) ensure that the sap will run.
  • Swiss'er Sweet Maple uses the traditional method of buckets to collect the sap. Once the sap is collected, it is brought to the Shanty and travels through the evaporator where it is boiled down to make maple syrup!
  • Maple syrup is delicious on pancakes, baked ham, carrots and can be used for baking and for grilling sauces.  
  • Maple syrup can also be made into maple candies, maple cream, and maple granulated sugar.
  • Most importantly, the sweet treat makes a great gift for anyone anytime of the year!

    Check out Swiss'er Sweet Maple on Local Harvest for a taste of the first true crop of spring in the Northeast!  Our annual open house will take place during Maple Weekend on March 19th & 20th and April 2nd and 3rd.  Tours are given of the entire maple syrup process from Tree to Table with many free samples of maple treats to try.  


New Grading System for Maple Syrup in NY

NY Maple Season is well underway, and Swiss'er Sweet Maple continues to make the same great maple syrup and products that it has always produced for generations in the foothills of the Adirondacks. But did you know their is now a new grading system in place for NYS Maple syrup?  To help our customers understand the same great taste with the new labeling system, see the new grading system below for our delicious Grade A maple syrup:

  • Light Amber is now known as Delicate Taste
  • Medium Amber is now know as Rich Taste
  • Dark Amber is now Known as Robust Taste 


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