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Heirloom tomato plants and sustainably-grown organic produce
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Last date to order is March 18!

All of us winter-weary home gardeners and small-scale producers are anxiously awaiting the return of warmer temps, but I found that the tat soi, cilantro, parsley and lettuce that overwintered in the little A-frame "high tunnel" that my husband built me late in 2009 weren't idle - all were busy regrowing and getting ready for a new season.  The tat soi is sugar-sweet and the parsley is concentrating flavor in the new leaves.  Part of this concentration is due to its being a biennial and it's therefore preparing to put up seeds stalks - however, for late winter soup-making you can't beat these new leaves for hefty flavor!  Along with the last of the root-cellared parsnips and turnips, and a few chunks of beef from one of our own animals, we're making some hard-to-beat suppers while enjoying the lengthening days.

I'll be starting tomato transplants, herb plants especially numerous basil varieties, and other plants soon from orders received over the winter, so don't delay in Emailing me your requests.  Don't forget:  if you want a particular type of tomato, and I don't already have the seeds, I'll need time to buy the seeds, so the last date for Email or phone order will be around March 18.  If you have seeds but no way to get them started yourself, mail them to me with your requirements and your contact information and together we'll make a plan!

Happy Spring!



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