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Busy Bees

We are working like busy bees, getting the garden ready for this year's season. Sunday, March 28, shares are available until we are sold out. We decided to keep this years shares small in quantity, so shares are super limited. Contact us if you are interested. 

This week we have been preparing the pathways between the beds. We got tired of the weeds, rocks and sloped paths. It feels kind of odd to be working on the pathways and not the beds, but we needed to bite the bullet of cost and time, to get these to a place where it will make working in the gardens easier. And it looks great!

Speaking of busy bees, we are fortunate that we have bees in the garden. We aren't sure where they are traveling from, but we heard there is a natural hive in an old oak about 2 neighbors away. Yippee! We researched having our own bees, but decided to focus on the garden right now, and not spread ourselves too thin.

We also wanted to have our own chickens for eggs, but again, decided to find someone to provide organic eggs for the farm. Chickens and bees will have to wait for now.



Well, when it isn't raining, we are preparing a new, deep bed for potatoes. We bought and picked up our seed potatoes last week: All Blues, Yukon Gold, LaSoda Red, and another yellow one, who's name has escaped me for the moment. Now we wait til they grow eyes and then we cut them in pieces, wait another couple of days and then plant. Around here, we need to have them in the ground by St. Patrick's Day. That's not a definite, just a date we aim for.

 Last year we needed to reduce our amount of shares and it looks like this year, we will do the same. Rebuilding the beds hasn't gotten as far as we wanted, we are still recovering from last year. It's been a slow process, but we still love to grow veggies and plan on offering shares soon.

I've been a little scattered lately; after having been laid off over a year ago and still no job expectations, I'm a little stressed. I am working on a web site for a local florist and another for a therapist. I am hoping to get another site with a local vet. (I've been a graphic artist for years and recently went into the internet world. Freelancing is something I've always wanted to do, so here I am.)

As I've mentioned, it's been raining a lot here. Which is good, we need the water, but it bums me out, cuz I can't be in the garden. It all works out though, I just have to remember come Spring, I'll be happy as a clam, tending the plants and waiting for tomatoes.


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As much as I know I need to, I find it hard to find time to blog, both here and at our main blog at www.zoeyfarms.wordpress.com. Blogging just ends up to be last on my priority list and it shouldn't be, because it's a way to get news out to the public. 

I found a widget on Wordpress that allows you to subscribe to our blog. You will receive posts and pictures as soon as I write them, that way you will be kept up to date. This feature also makes it easier on me, I only have to write one newsletter instead of two; mailing one to our email list and then posting another on the blog.

Not too much has happened around here lately. We are still cleaning up from the unusual 6" of snow we had early December. Lots of trees and branches fell down in that storm. But this weekend looks to be good weather, after this rain, so we'll be out in the beds, getting them ready for Spring.

Join us on the Wordpress blog too by subscribing. I seem to hang out there more often.



Time to Clean Up Summer

You'd think we would have done that earlier, like when Summer ended. But to tell the truth, it never really ended until the 6" of snow fell the first part of December. We still had red tomatoes on the vines; I have pictures to prove it. Of course they froze and turned to mush.

So now we are cleaning up the beds, getting them ready for new compost and Spring plants. Eric worked on one of the lower beds today, building it better and lining it so gophers and moles cannot enter. Then we will fill with soil and plant potatoes. We love growing potatoes. Usually we grow 4 or 5 different types; red, blue, Yukon, gold, russet. All great tasting and wonderful. Homegrown potatoes are the best, and you won't know it until you try them.

This year marks our 6th year as a CSA. We will announce share availability soon in our email newsletter, so email us to be included; zoeyfarms@yahoo.com.


Tomatoes, Tomatoes, Tomatoes

Have we got tomatoes! This year we needed to scale back, but we didn't scrimp on the tomatoes. We planted over 45 tomatoes, and still planting, which is a huge number for the amount of shares we have this year. Can you tell we love tomatoes?

Usually we start providing tomatoes the beginning of August, but this year we were 3 weeks early. A nice surprise for our share holders. New for us this year are Valencia, Brandywine and German Striped. All heirlooms, all very good. Our latest entries are Great White, Pineapple and Japanese Black Crim. We seeded these late and figured, what the heck, we'll plant them and see if we get late tomatoes this year. (We usually have tomatoes well into October/November.)

We also rebuilt the farm, hence the scale back, and are farming using somewhat different methods. We weren't sure of our production, being this was fairly new and different for us, but we are happy to report, and with much success, that the plants and we, are very happy with the outcome. We still grow organically, without pesticides, and are now producing our own compost. Our goal is to be a more sustainable farm.

Next year should prove to be even better, as we expand. The need for quality veggies is great in our community and we'd like to continue to provide our veggies and services.

To see pics of the farm and learn more about us, click on this link to read our blog.


The Garden is in Full Swing

The weather is wacky in Northern California, but I like it. Now the plants, I'm not so sure. They are growing well, and we have green tomatoes on the vines, as well as cucumber, pea and bean flowers, so something must be right.

Each week now, we send out an email to those of you who are interested and want to be included in our farm family. We are happy to share info on the farm, recipes, gardening tips...whatever we think might interest you.

We have also started selling our second phase of shares for the summer.

If you are interested in either the email newsletters or purchasing a share, please contact us at zoeyfarms@yahoo.com. We are looking forward to a great year.

Also visit us at our other blog. This is where we write other interesting tidbits about the farm and share pictures.




Here, in Northern California, I am grateful for the rain. We need it!!! And I am joyful to hear the drips and drops fall from the sky. Sure, I've been loving our unusual Spring weather, but it's more important to have the moisture.

Life has been somewhat stressful for us lately; family emergencies which have us days away from the farm. A lesson in patience for me. All will work out for the best, I just have to remember to breath.

We are planning a Summer season and rebuilding our little farm is coming along. Six raised beds have now been built. We'll build about five more in the upper garden and then continue into the lower garden. At some point, we'll have to put up a better fence. Deer pass through the property, stop at the fence that barely keeps them out, and drool at the luscious greens they cannot have. Let's hope they don't decide to jump a little higher than normal! ;)


Join our Farm Family

Although our 4th season has ended, you can still join our farm family by sending us your email address to be included in our email newsletter. We love to share information about gardening, seeds, compost and farming in general; much of the information can put to use in your own garden. You will also receive notice about when we will start our 5th season and how to become a subscriber.

 We'd love to hear from you. :)


Giving Thanks

This is the time of year when we traditionally focus on giving thanks, but shouldn't we be doing this all year round? As silly as it may seem to some, each week when we harvest, we thank our plants for the fruits and veggies they give us. We also thank our subscribers for being part of our farm family, grateful for their support of our little CSA at Zoey Farms.

We are also thankful to LocalHarvest.org, as this venue is where most of our subscribers discover us. Thanks again, LocalHarvest. org!!



Thanks to LocalHarvest.org

First off, we want to say thanks to LocalHarvest.org for providing such a great service, both to farmers and the public. Most of our subscribers hear about us via LocalHarvest, so we are very greatful.

 We are a very small CSA in the foothills of the Sierras about 35 miles east of Sacramento, CA. This year marks the end of our 4th year. And with each year, we find the need for local, naturally grown food has increased. We are not able to grow enough to meet the demand. Which is a good thing, sort of.

And although we love growing and feeding our subscribers, we are also in the process of expanding our services by offering classes and workshops, focusing on backyard, kitchen gardens. We believe everyone should have some sort of garden that provides food for themselves.

 Check us out here, on the LocalHarvest.org blog and visit us at our other blog.


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