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Well, when it isn't raining, we are preparing a new, deep bed for potatoes. We bought and picked up our seed potatoes last week: All Blues, Yukon Gold, LaSoda Red, and another yellow one, who's name has escaped me for the moment. Now we wait til they grow eyes and then we cut them in pieces, wait another couple of days and then plant. Around here, we need to have them in the ground by St. Patrick's Day. That's not a definite, just a date we aim for.

 Last year we needed to reduce our amount of shares and it looks like this year, we will do the same. Rebuilding the beds hasn't gotten as far as we wanted, we are still recovering from last year. It's been a slow process, but we still love to grow veggies and plan on offering shares soon.

I've been a little scattered lately; after having been laid off over a year ago and still no job expectations, I'm a little stressed. I am working on a web site for a local florist and another for a therapist. I am hoping to get another site with a local vet. (I've been a graphic artist for years and recently went into the internet world. Freelancing is something I've always wanted to do, so here I am.)

As I've mentioned, it's been raining a lot here. Which is good, we need the water, but it bums me out, cuz I can't be in the garden. It all works out though, I just have to remember come Spring, I'll be happy as a clam, tending the plants and waiting for tomatoes.

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