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Busy Bees

We are working like busy bees, getting the garden ready for this year's season. Sunday, March 28, shares are available until we are sold out. We decided to keep this years shares small in quantity, so shares are super limited. Contact us if you are interested. 

This week we have been preparing the pathways between the beds. We got tired of the weeds, rocks and sloped paths. It feels kind of odd to be working on the pathways and not the beds, but we needed to bite the bullet of cost and time, to get these to a place where it will make working in the gardens easier. And it looks great!

Speaking of busy bees, we are fortunate that we have bees in the garden. We aren't sure where they are traveling from, but we heard there is a natural hive in an old oak about 2 neighbors away. Yippee! We researched having our own bees, but decided to focus on the garden right now, and not spread ourselves too thin.

We also wanted to have our own chickens for eggs, but again, decided to find someone to provide organic eggs for the farm. Chickens and bees will have to wait for now.


The Garden is in Full Swing

The weather is wacky in Northern California, but I like it. Now the plants, I'm not so sure. They are growing well, and we have green tomatoes on the vines, as well as cucumber, pea and bean flowers, so something must be right.

Each week now, we send out an email to those of you who are interested and want to be included in our farm family. We are happy to share info on the farm, recipes, gardening tips...whatever we think might interest you.

We have also started selling our second phase of shares for the summer.

If you are interested in either the email newsletters or purchasing a share, please contact us at zoeyfarms@yahoo.com. We are looking forward to a great year.

Also visit us at our other blog. This is where we write other interesting tidbits about the farm and share pictures.


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