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pasture raised
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benefits of eating healthy

1. We eat and use our own products and have seen the benefits of eating healthy
pasture raised products.
2. All of our products use ingredients that one can understand, such as pepper, ham
spice, sage, sea salt, coriander etc…, no preservatives of any kind here.
3. All 100% healthy animals are used for our products
4. Our products do cost more that those at the grocery store, but we are not dealing
in mass production. We are raising high quality products, with high quality feed
and care. That takes time and money, which has to increase the cost of the
5. Once one tastes our products they cannot go back to the store bought the quality is
not even close. Our foods and products far surpass anyone’s expectations
6. The care and treatment of our animals makes a difference in the quality of the end
product. All animals are treated with respect and their needs met, that really
makes a difference. 
7. My personal theory of animal care is that an animal must have a clean
environment, fresh clean water, fresh air, comfortable place to sleep get out of the
weather as needed, access to hay and water 24/7, plenty of pasture space, no over
crowding. I don’t believe in undernourished animals, they will not be able to
thrive and maintain health if they are not properly nourished.
8. I believe that animals can compliment each other, such as the chicken, guineas
and turkeys free range with our goats, cows, pigs and sheep. Reason being is that
they will clean up the ticks, flies, fly larva( just to name a few) to cut down on the
fly population that can spread a number of  bacterial and viral  illnesses.
9. Raw milk is a frequently debated issue. I have in the past stopped using
pasteurized milk and milk products because of GI problems. Once we started with
our own milk, I gradually started using milk in my diet and found that I had no GI
problems with the raw milk and products. There is so much that one can learn
from looking up the benefits of raw milk on line. The important issue is a state
licensed provider is randomly tested every 2 weeks by an independent lab and the
state would not allow unsafe milk to be sold to the consumer. We have had our
state license for Raw Jersey cow and goat for 3 years. And we are inspected by
PDA milk sanitation at least every two months without warning, they go through
our whole facility.
10. We love what we do, farming, milking and animal care or we wouldn’t be here, it
can be challenging at times. And  I  am known to love a good challenge. 

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