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First cheese curd!

Today we made quark, camembert and our first batch of cheese curd for the upcoming farmers markets this weekend.  It was a small batch, but went smoothly.  What made the curd extra enticing was the spicy pepper mix we used from Ricky and Lucy's Greenhouse in Sidney, NE.  There are nine different kinds of peppers used in the mix and NO MSG!!  The other exciting new herb blend we mixed today was a lemon thyme and chive mix in the quark.  It's a fabulous combination that our friend Maggie from Maggie's Vegetarian Cafe came up with - thanks Maggie!!


Cheese share

For the 2009 season, we are considering a "summer cheese share" program that starts mid-May.  This would entitle cheese share members to 8 weeks of cheese.  Different value shares are offered:  $32, $64, or $96.  This translates into either a $4, $8 or $12 package each week which would include 1,2 or 3 pieces of cheese.  Cheese stories, recipes and other fun details are included in the weekly cheese news.  If you are interested in more details, please email
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