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Cali's Natural Foods

Cali’s Natural Foods

“Your Direct Source”

 Open for the public Monday thru Saturday from 3pm to 7pm.

Located at 1700 South and 389 West
Unit C
Salt Lake City, Utah

801-483-CALI (2254)

Cali’s Natural Foods is an open warehouse for natural foods and goods.  Our facilities include a fresh deli and pastry counter, gourmet packaged products, bulk foods, cleaners, paper products and earth based living essentials.  Cali’s sells high quality products that are organic, chemical-free, preservative-free, locally grown and produced, socially responsible and earth friendly.

Cali’s Natural Foods’ most important commitment is to you, our local and regional community.  Cali’s has a massive mission to heal the earth and the inhabitants, increase the supply of locally grown foods, engage community, support art, which are the essential elements that create the passion for living.

The prices at Cali’s Natural Foods are consistently below the prices of Whole Foods by 20%.  We focus on purchasing products that we can resell at this discounted price.  
An example list of our products includes:

Organic Olive Oil

Organic Canola Oil

Organic Jalapeno Oil (Cali’s Natural Foods, local grown chilies)

Organic Habenaro Oil (Cali’s Natural Foods, local grown chilies)

Organic Rice, Quinoa and 40 other types of grains

Organic Black Beluga Lentils and 30 other types of peas, lentils and beans

Organic Dried Unsulfured Mango and 20 other types of quality natural dried fruits

Organic Locally Grown Produce such as potatoes, winter squash, onions and garlic

Organic Seasonally Available Produce

Artisan Breads

Gourmet products from local producers

Cali’s Natural Foods (in-house preparations) of Breads, Pesto, Salad Dressing, Lasagna and much more

Culinary and Gourmet Food Tools

Natural Soaps and Cleaners

Huge selection of bulk teas, herbs and spices

Discounted prices on Caffe Ibis Coffee

Local Art and Crafts

Special Discounted Items Daily

KRCL and Robert Nelson of “Smile Jamaica”  played in the store most Saturdays and other KRCL and Utah FM broadcasted in-store for your shopping ears

Upcoming Community Workshops, Cooking Classes, Foods Education Classes, Guest Chefs and Artisans

Community Dinners, Summer Local Foods Dinners

We have approximately 500 unique products.

This Is Just The Beginning!

General Manager, Chef, Owner:  Ian Brandt 


From Farm To Table featuring Wheatland Milling

George Perry and Ian Brandt. Ian Brandt, Chef and owner of Sage's Cafe Vertical Diner and Cali's Natural Foods.  George (75 years old) is the founder of Wheatland Milling, old-time wheat farmer, one of the first certified organic millers in the country located in Tremonton, Utah.  They are now the largest millers of organic flour in the country.  George delivers the pallets of flour to Cali's Natural Foods and then production manager Susan Choles prepares the pancake dry mix.  Susan mixes George's unbleached organic flour with organic and fair trade sugar, aluminum-free baking powder, Utah sea salt "Real Salt," and then the dry mix is shipped out to Vertical Diner and Sage's Cafe.  At the restaurants, the chefs add vanilla soy milk and then place the risen batter on to the griddle, and pure magic occurs.  The process of farm to table is happening at Cali's Natural Foods, Vertical Diner and Sage's Cafe.


Sage's Cafe and Vertical Diner reviewed on Stumptown Vegans!

Stumptown Vegans Travels!

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Though very different restaurants, the sisterly relationship between Salt Lake City’s vegan restaraunts, Sage’s Cafe and Vertical Diner are, in this reviewer’s eyes, similar to Vita and Paradox in menu items. Both restaurants have full vegan menus created by the same chef, Ian Brandt. Sage’s was the first restaurant, opening in 2000. Vertical Diner followed, opening in 2006.

Sage’s is a cute, comfortable cafe in an old house in downtown Salt Lake with many fresh, organic dishes, and prices to match. The dining space is on the smaller side with many wood details including the floor, two-person tables, and chairs. Meals range from raw Pad Thai to the Pesto Sub, Soba Salad, and Philly Cheezesteak, all generally around $13. One of my favorite elements of Sage’s menu is the creativity. For example, the creation of Mushroom Escargot or the Basil Pesto Crepe.

Vertical Diner isn’t really across town from Sage’s, but the huge SLC blocks make it feel like it is. The Diner is located in a light industrial area, unsuspecting of vegan food. The building’s exterior, as well as the interior, has a 50’s diner feel, complete with a neon arrow pointing at the exterior sign. Inside, aluminum edged laminate tables, in additional to a bar, add to this retro feel. The all-vegan menu contains all the comfort food that can rot your gut – wonderful options like theFried Setain, Nachos, and an extensive breakfast served all day like Pancakes, Tofu Scramble, and Sausage. If you’ve eaten at Sage’s you’ll recognize some of the dishes and enjoy them for a bit less, probably because of the location. Typical dishes run about $7-9.

My favorite meals included the Philly Cheeze Steak (available at both restaurants), the Tender Tigers, the Blueberry Pancakes, and all the desserts. For Utah, they have an amazing beer and wine selection at both restaurants with many organic options, and presumbably vegan.

The Philly Cheeze Steak sandwhich includes a homemade setain and nutritional cheesy sauce served on a multi-grain bread. The multi grain bread is thick and chewy, adding a nice nutty texture to the sandwich. I’ve enjoyed leftovers of this dish for breakfast thinking it tastes similar to Vita’s Tofu Florentine dish only with a mild, not sour, sauce.

The Nut Burger, offered only at Sage’s, is just what is says it is – a burger filled with nuts, lots of them. The chickpea bound almond and cashew patty isn’t the only nutty texture, the addition of the multi grain bread here will fill you up quickly. Tahini sauce tops of this burger, giving it a unique flavor. I felt healthy after my first bite. 

The Tender Tigers at the Vertical Diner is a housemade setain on a stick, battered and fried, with an end result of a wonderful crispy and tender appetizer. It is served with a thick ranch dipping sauce.

If you’re a pancake fanatic like me, you can’t go wrong with the Blueberry Pancakes. They are huge, fluffy and moist cakes served all day with real maple syrup. At $2.25 each, it’s hard to order only one to save room for a side of sausage.

The housemade desserts at both locations are to die for and I’ve yet to have anything sweet from either kitchen that I was simply middle-of-the-road-good. The shakes and floats are everything you would want them to be, made with Soy Delicious soy cream. The Tiramisu is tender with a mild coffee and cocoa flavor without being too sweet. The Brownie is dense and chewy, almost gooey, easily one of the best vegan brownies I’ve ever had, since I am not a fan of the cake brownie. And the presentation of their dessert dishes shows they must love sweets as much as I do.

The wait staff has always been friendly, but sometimes a bit slow, depending on the night. If you have allergies, ask for their allergy menu, they’ve been very accommodating to me. Sage’s has an All-You-Can-Eat Pizza Night Tuesdays and Raw Food Fridays. Weekend Brunch is another fun event, served on Saturday and Sunday.

While this reviewer rarely admits to spending 9 years in Salt Lake, one thing she regrets is that neither Sage’s or Verticle had yet to open during her imprisonment. Vertical Diner and Sage’s Cafe, and those beautiful mountains, are the only things that take her back. These two resultants are enough to recommend the 12 hour road trip just for a few meals. And be sure to check out Vertical’s free jukebox, the music selection has something for everyone.

Sage's Cafe and Vertical Diner featured restaurants of the month for Veg Project!

 See article here:

Sage's Cafe in Salt Lake City, Utah celebrates its 9th anniversary this year.

“Love is the most important ingredient in anything in life,” says Chef/Owner Ian Brandt of Sage’s Café and Vertical Diner in Salt Lake City, Utah. Sage’s Café is celebrating its 9-year anniversary, and Ian has learned to enjoy each moment, following his passion and intuition to become successful.

Since opening Sage’s Café in January 2000, Ian’s business has grown to include another restaurant, Vertical Diner, as well as Cali’s Natural Foods, a private food service company. Annually, the combined businesses donate approximately $10,000 of foods and services. They also support local artists and provide a community-building atmosphere.  

Inspired by his hometown, which he believes to be one of the most beautiful cities in the country, Ian ensures these businesses demonstrate compassion for the earth. He serves pure vegetarian cuisine (vegan), uses wind power, recycling, and composting; and buys local, organic, earth-friendly, natural and fairly-traded products.

One of the great advantages of being in Utah is that Ian gets to use salt harvested in Southern Utah from an internationally-awarded company, Real Salt. He also uses local fresh pasta, produce and flour. “We are committed to providing the freshest and healthiest cuisine possible, without compromising,” says Ian.

Some popular menu items include macadamia creamed carrot butter, shiitake escargot, and hand cut french fries. The menu also includes raw choices, and on the last Friday of each month, Sage’s Café offers a raw foods night. Gluten-free accommodations are listed next to all menu items, and Ian is continually working to keep his cuisine cutting edge.

If you get a chance to stop by in the coming months, be sure to check out one of the newest menu items (and one of Ian’s favorites), mushroom foie gras. Ian will want your feedback to help him prepare to enter his recipe into the PETA faux foie gras contest at the end of this year.

As is custom at Sage’s Café, there is a prix fixe menu on Valentine’s Day. “It is always inspired by foods that are strong aphrodisiacs such as garlic, red wine and chocolate,” says Ian. “We want more vegan babies for the world!”

Ian’s message this month is appropriately all about sharing the love. "I am challenging the friends and families of vegetarians to go vegan for a day or a week. When people see how easy it is to live vegan and how great they feel, they will never go back to the SAD (Standard American Diet) diet,” he says. “Lead by example and you will be amazed at the response to walking the walk.”


Chef Ian Brandt and Cali's Natural Foods featured in Utah Bride and Groom Magazine

Weddings with a cause

Utah Bride & Groom’s guide to planning an eco-friendly, socially conscious wedding.

By Tessa Woolf


Serve organic, locally grown foods. Check out your local farmer’s market to see what organic foods are in season.

Consider a vegetarian, vegan or even raw food menu from a local caterer who specializes in these foods.

Ask your caterer if they use free-range chicken and naturally raised beef, if you choose to serve a meat dish.

Choose organic beverages from local sources. For nonalcoholic options, try Howie’s Premium Root Beer, bottled in Orem, or a selection of natural juices and sodas from Liberty Heights Fresh. For alcoholic options, try Squatters Brewery’s Organic Amber Ale, or the selection of red and white wines from the Castle Creek Winery at the Red Cliffs Lodge in Moab.

Serve organic, fair-trade coffee and tea from The Salt Lake Roasting Company or hot cocoa from Farmington-based Stephen’s Gourmet Cocoa. Serve with organic sugar, locally grown honey like that from Logan’s Cox Honeyland, and milk and cream from Utah’s Winder Farms.

Collect and recycle cups, bottles and cans from your rehearsal dinner, reception and farewell brunch.

Don’t just trash leftover food: Work with your caterer to package up leftovers and drop them off at a food bank or local shelter.

Choose an organic wedding cake. Ask your baker to use organic ingredients like sugar, flour, butter and eggs. Ask about organic fondant and sugar for décor elements like fondant ribbons and sugar flowers. A vegan cake is also an option, like this chocolate raspberry cake by Ian Brandt.

Expert tips

Ian Brandt, chef and owner of Cali’s Natural Foods, Vertical Diner and Sage’s Café in Salt Lake City (, dishes out tips for an eco-friendly menu:

Consider the season when selecting local foods. Depending on the time of year, some foods will be more readily available, making them fresher and better tasting, as well as less expensive. “The most harvestable time of year for foods in Utah is late summer and fall,” says Brandt. “There are a lot of fruits and vegetables available.”

Don’t be afraid to try something new. If you want to incorporate vegan or raw foods into your menu, but not as your main entrée, serve them as appetizers. Brandt suggests popular appetizers made with vegan and organic ingredients
like foie grais (made with mushrooms), cashew paté-stuffed crimini mushrooms or tofu quiche made with sun-dried tomatoes and portabello mushrooms.

Serve a vegan wedding cake. Like traditional cakes, vegan cakes can be made in different shapes and sizes, including round and square cakes, and three, four or more tiers. Brandt favors vegan chocolate and carrot cakes.

Complement your cake with an organic dessert buffet. Brandt recommends mini tarts and fruit tortes, teacakes, brownies and small Phyllo dough pastries, all made with vegan ingredients, including his specialty, Kahuna Confections, made with coconut, dates, cashews and pineapple.
See article here:

If you are interested in having Cali’s Natural Foods cater your special event please contact Ian Brandt at  (801) 259-3106 or

Sage's Cafe Gives Thanks

Sage's Cafe, The Vertical Diner and Cali's Foods would like to thank our patrons for nearly a decade of support and dedication. We thank you for appreciating local, seasonal, organic vegetarian cuisine. It is with your continued support that we can provide the freshest and healthiest cuisine possible without compromise. We are also grateful to our local farms, producers and suppliers for providing us with high quality products and produce. We look forward to the next decade of sharing future harvests with you.

Happy Holidays!


Sage's Cafe Featured In The Washington Post

Foodie Outposts Add Spice To Salt Lake City's Menu

By Jennifer Margulis
Special to The Washington Post
Sunday, November 16, 2008; Page P02

Dining out in Salt Lake City? Sage's Cafe disproves the notion that vegan food can't be delicious. The menu at the Tin Angel Cafe includes sweet potato black truffle flan and wild-boar-and-beef-tip stew.

Salt Lake City usually makes you think of businessmen sporting short haircuts and long-skirted mothers herding their children like goslings. It has never been known for its culinary prowess. Ask a local, such as 25-year-old library assistant Patrick Hoecherl, what folks in Salt Lake City like to eat, and he'll tell you the dish of choice at every large gathering is green Jell-O with grated carrots, appropriately molded with scalloped edges.

But there's another side to Salt Lake City food: a foodie culture that includes offbeat and even New Age-y restaurants that are proving as popular as places serving home-style cooking.

Go to the award-winning Red Iguana (736 W. North Temple, 801-322-1489, on a Friday or Saturday night and you'll find dozens of hungry souls milling around in the restaurant's parking lot, happily waiting up to two hours for a table. And the wait is worth it: A family-owned business that makes seven kinds of mole from scratch every morning, the Red Iguana is a hole-in-the-wall Mexican joint where you can forget enchiladas and burritos (though they do have those) and try instead the pumpkin-seed mole made with dried chiles, peanuts, onions and tomatoes and tossed with chicken; or any dish with the king of all sauces, mole negro, made with Mexican chocolate, raisins, walnuts and bananas.

One hundred percent vegan food artfully presented and served by waiters sporting colorful tattoos on their arms is what you'll find at Sage's Cafe (473 E. Broadway, 801-322-3790,, which is owned by 33-year-old Ian Brandt, a Philadelphia native and University of Utah grad, who liked Salt Lake City so much he decided to stay and is a man on a mission to bring natural foods to the Mormon capital. (In January he plans to open a mostly organic wholesale food warehouse with produce from local farmers.) Don't expect your food right away when the place is crowded, but do expect to have your taste buds dazzled. Your preconception that vegan food can't be delicious will fly out the window after the first bite of the shiitake mushroom appetizer with carrot butter pâté (made with ground macadamia nuts) served on toasted baguette slices.

At Tin Angel Cafe (365 West 400 South, 801-328-4155,, chef Jerry Liedtke dishes up seasonal, local foods in creative concoctions. On this ever-changing menu you'll find food you'd have a hard time ordering anywhere else, such as sweet potato black truffle flan and wild-boar-and-beef-tip stew.

And then there's the One World Cafe (41 South 300 East, 801-519-2002,, a dining experience not to be missed. The brainchild of Denise Cerreta, a chiropractor turned entrepreneur, the nonprofit One World has a dozen or so organic dishes to choose from, with a menu that is neither fixed nor priced. (You pay what you like, and, yes, they've been in business for five years, and, no, we're not making this up.) Take as much or as little as you want of food such as lentil casserole, beet and carrot salad, baked fish, stir-fried beef and fresh fruit crumble, and then eat at one of the intimate tables. The cozy place, which gave birth to the One World Everybody Eats Foundation, is working to promote organic eats and ensure that everyone can have access to good local cooking. The menu always includes a free meal, usually brown rice and dal.

But what if you want to try green Jell-O with grated carrots? Most travelers will tell you that the stereotype of Utahans' being among the friendliest folks in America holds true. So get yourself invited to a family reunion.
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