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Cali's Natural Foods

Cali’s Natural Foods

“Your Direct Source”

 Open for the public Monday thru Saturday from 3pm to 7pm.

Located at 1700 South and 389 West
Unit C
Salt Lake City, Utah

801-483-CALI (2254)

Cali’s Natural Foods is an open warehouse for natural foods and goods.  Our facilities include a fresh deli and pastry counter, gourmet packaged products, bulk foods, cleaners, paper products and earth based living essentials.  Cali’s sells high quality products that are organic, chemical-free, preservative-free, locally grown and produced, socially responsible and earth friendly.

Cali’s Natural Foods’ most important commitment is to you, our local and regional community.  Cali’s has a massive mission to heal the earth and the inhabitants, increase the supply of locally grown foods, engage community, support art, which are the essential elements that create the passion for living.

The prices at Cali’s Natural Foods are consistently below the prices of Whole Foods by 20%.  We focus on purchasing products that we can resell at this discounted price.  
An example list of our products includes:

Organic Olive Oil

Organic Canola Oil

Organic Jalapeno Oil (Cali’s Natural Foods, local grown chilies)

Organic Habenaro Oil (Cali’s Natural Foods, local grown chilies)

Organic Rice, Quinoa and 40 other types of grains

Organic Black Beluga Lentils and 30 other types of peas, lentils and beans

Organic Dried Unsulfured Mango and 20 other types of quality natural dried fruits

Organic Locally Grown Produce such as potatoes, winter squash, onions and garlic

Organic Seasonally Available Produce

Artisan Breads

Gourmet products from local producers

Cali’s Natural Foods (in-house preparations) of Breads, Pesto, Salad Dressing, Lasagna and much more

Culinary and Gourmet Food Tools

Natural Soaps and Cleaners

Huge selection of bulk teas, herbs and spices

Discounted prices on Caffe Ibis Coffee

Local Art and Crafts

Special Discounted Items Daily

KRCL and Robert Nelson of “Smile Jamaica”  played in the store most Saturdays and other KRCL and Utah FM broadcasted in-store for your shopping ears

Upcoming Community Workshops, Cooking Classes, Foods Education Classes, Guest Chefs and Artisans

Community Dinners, Summer Local Foods Dinners

We have approximately 500 unique products.

This Is Just The Beginning!

General Manager, Chef, Owner:  Ian Brandt 

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