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Breeding Rabbits

It seemed like the perfect day to get the New Zealand White does bred. Beautiful weather, healthy rabbits and an ambitious buck should have spelled SUCCESS!!  But oh NO.  The three queens had other ideas. Not one of these ladies would cooperate with the courting.  I think its been a crushing day for the Kings ego, for sure! Now we need to watch for the wretched false pregnancy that sometimes happens.  Oh well, I'll give the King a little pep talk about the fickle females around him along with a small piece of carrot. Maybe that will help?

New Direction

What a beautiful day we had today. March 14th is my late brothers birthday and he would have loved this day! Sunshine and a warming trend are a treat for us in Michigan in March.

I am cleaning the chicken coop. Last fall we processed our 3 year old laying hens and made canned meat, canned chicken broth and amish chicken bologna, yum yum! Now, it's time for a new start. I've been reading up on some of the heritage breeds from the ALBC "critical" list.  I've chosen two types of small stock to raise on our farm.  They will fit right in. We already raise New Zealand White rabbits and we keep chickens all the time......except the winter after we process the old birds. I like the American Chinchilla Rabbit and the Delaware Chicken. These are animals that were developed in America and I like that.  They had an important place in our history and in our food security and I like that, too.  I've placed an order for the chickens, but I'm still working on finding the rabbits.

Meanwhile, I'll be cleaning the coop, repairing rabbit cages, getting the does bred,  testing out the brooder, washing feeders and waterers ......... aahhh spring, ya gotta love it!

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