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Spectacular January

We are blessed! While the majority of the U.S. is buried in snow or temperatures so low that breathing is difficult, here we are with 80 degree days. Unbelievable!

Every living thing is bursting with life in this magical weather. The trees are in bud, the daffodils, paper white narcissus & hyacinths are blooming. Our Chickens & Quail are laying eggs earlier than usual. I can almost hear the patter of little chicken feet.

We have hatching eggs from our Cochin & D'Uccle Bantams. Pick up here at the Hacienda or we can ship them throughout the United States using USPS. When ordering, please specify which breed you would like.

Starting February 15, 2009 we will have bantam pullets (young hens) available for pick up. They will be at point of lay so you should be having your very own eggs by Spring. What a wonderful way to start the day with a breakfast of just laid eggs from your own chickens. These eggs are small because they come from minature chickens but these girls are little laying machines. If you purchase pullets & are interested in having your own baby chicks, we also have roosters to match the breed of hen you select. Just let us know when you email if you are interested in a Pair ( hen & rooster) or a Trio (rooster & 2 hens).

 Our vegetables are loving this weather, as well. We have been harvesting Spinach, Lettuces & Delfino Cilanto for about 6 weeks. Next weekend we will be harvesting Snow Peas, Broccoli & Baby Carrots.

We hope the New Year is finding you healthy & happy & looking forward to a great 2009!


Life at the Hacienda

Two weeks ago we planted the second of the 3 Winter Gardens. In just a few days the vegtables were poking their little heads through the soil. Excitement abounded! Today we discovered that the wild birds have made a feast of the new seedlings. Disappointment & discouragement have entered our lives. But, not for long! I'm headed to the nursery this afternoon to see what is available for immediate planting. Fortunately our weather is still warm,  so hope presses on.

The Chickens have started their winter molt. I have enough feathers flying around to build a whole new flock. I'm sure that if anyone saw this mass of feathers they would think another Bobcat had struck!  We did have #5 a week ago. During the night he reached through the bars of one of the cages & now we are down one rooster. Keeping these free range babies safe is a full time job. They have the run of 5 acres daily but are cooped at night. Unfortunately the Bobcat appears smarter than we.

Our new Coturnix Quail are 7 weeks old. They have been laying eggs since they were 5 weeks. Almost seems impossible. We were getting about a dozen eggs daily until the nights started to chill down a week ago. Now they have gone on strike. I was able to set about 30 eggs in the incubator before they slacked off so we should have another batch in about 12 days.

We have Dwarf Nigerian Goats who keep us in constant milk. I make Chev're about 3 times a week. It is so creamy & delicious. We use it in or on everything...salads, tacos, enchiladas, pizza, appetizers, lasagna, baked name it, we've tried it!

My daughter & I are participating in a Holiday Craft Bazaar this weekend. Aleta is presenting her designer jewelry & I'm taking my Goat Milk Lotions & Creams. I originally started making the cream for Aleta as she has painful eczema. Since the lotion is made with  goat milk it is soothing & non-greasy. It has proved to be a wonderful product for her. Hopefully others who try it will feel the same way. If not, then I have plenty of pre-made gifts for friends & family at Christmas!

Catch ya next week with an update on our Bazaar success..or not!

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