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Spectacular January

We are blessed! While the majority of the U.S. is buried in snow or temperatures so low that breathing is difficult, here we are with 80 degree days. Unbelievable!

Every living thing is bursting with life in this magical weather. The trees are in bud, the daffodils, paper white narcissus & hyacinths are blooming. Our Chickens & Quail are laying eggs earlier than usual. I can almost hear the patter of little chicken feet.

We have hatching eggs from our Cochin & D'Uccle Bantams. Pick up here at the Hacienda or we can ship them throughout the United States using USPS. When ordering, please specify which breed you would like.

Starting February 15, 2009 we will have bantam pullets (young hens) available for pick up. They will be at point of lay so you should be having your very own eggs by Spring. What a wonderful way to start the day with a breakfast of just laid eggs from your own chickens. These eggs are small because they come from minature chickens but these girls are little laying machines. If you purchase pullets & are interested in having your own baby chicks, we also have roosters to match the breed of hen you select. Just let us know when you email if you are interested in a Pair ( hen & rooster) or a Trio (rooster & 2 hens).

 Our vegetables are loving this weather, as well. We have been harvesting Spinach, Lettuces & Delfino Cilanto for about 6 weeks. Next weekend we will be harvesting Snow Peas, Broccoli & Baby Carrots.

We hope the New Year is finding you healthy & happy & looking forward to a great 2009!

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