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Attention New Mexico Residents

 NAIS Discussion at Horse symposium

The Horse Symposium to be held at the Moriarty Civic Center on March 20-22 has scheduled the New Mexico Livestock Board to speak about NAIS.

Do we have anyone who can go to the sessions and spread NO NAIS flyers and information? I may be able to go on one of the weekend days, but I live over 2 hours one way drive from the event and I'm working on Friday.  So if we have others who are willing to go and present the other side of the story that would be great.

You can download NO NAIS flyers and information at the following websites:

No NAIS Poster

USDA Proposed rule

NAIS Flyer

Unfortunately we need to pay to get into the event. Tickets are $30 in advance (which was by March 15th and I just found out today) or $35 to get in the day of the event.

To get into the event, you need to contact hoofprints at (505) 401-1633 or


PS. Remember that NAIS doesn't just affect horse owners, It also affects chicken owners, goat owners, sheep owners, cattle owners and all owners of animals that can be classified as livestock or exotic livestock. NAIS will go along way to destroying the backbone of this country; the farmers and ranchers and food producers. Do not let the USDA fool you into thinking this is a good thing because it isn't and will violate most of your constitutional rights.

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