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Cooking Family Meals

This is my very first blog post….ever….anywhere! As a producer/rancher/mother of 3 and all around General Manager of our house and ranch I’ve come to terms with the overloaded daily mess I’ve got on my hands. I so admire the person I’d love to be, I give such great advice to my customers about ways to prepare meals and ideas for meals, yet at the end of the day I to am still left with the daunting question….What’s for supper? I have had to plan my week in advance, weather it sounds good that night or not at least I have a plan. For those who know me I am a meat and potatoes, milk and sugar kinda gal. I love to cook but don’t like to eat most of it, I think most meals in the pictures are so pretty and would love to prepare and serve them, mind you my husband would love it to, but I don’t…I don’t even like pepper. So my new years goal is to cook for my family, I mean REALLY push my limits and cook wonderful food. But how to do it on a VERY limited income…Humm. We’re a family of 5, which means 2 adults, 2 small children and 1 infant whose eating solids. I make ALL my own baby food which now means whatever we have she has only ground up. I try to be smart and make meals with things that are in season and that I can have leftovers. I make bread, and right now in the winter we have a lot of “cabin stew” which means whatever’s in the cabinets and fridge is game! It’s a work in progress. I’ll let you know how it turns out! So what are you serving tonight?  

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