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Fifteenth Blog From the Sheep Farmer at Shady Hill Farms

The is the Fifteenth Blog From the Sheep Farmer at Shady Hill Farms.

Easter approaches on April 4 with Orthodox Easter just a week later.

For my son Bradley who sells all of our production through his own bussiness Great American Lamb Company, "Easter is Christmas" meaning that many folks are on the hunt for premium American lamb for Easter, all lamb cuts and most notably the leg of lamb.

Our lamb is tender and tasteful, healthful and sustainable, and frankly is a great choice every day.

But if you like it on Easter please know that others do too so the rule of first come first served must be observed.

Legs may be sold out, if they are can I suggest a boneless shoulder roast? The same great product, and at a lower per pound price.

Or consider our lamb chops, to die for.

Sheep farming is year around and we hope folks will understand one day that lamb is a good choice for year around and any day.

But in the meantime Happy Easter!






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