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Fifth Blog from the Sheep Farmer

Folks, this is the Fifth Blog from the Sheep Farmer at Shady Hill Farms.

We are the supplier of lamb and other products to

The motto of is Better Farming: Better Lamb!

And for good reason.

Our lamb (and other products) is\ are the best available anywhere in the World because we produce better sheep.It is that simple.

Across America a dabate wages, should farmers be free to farm as they believe is best?????

Or should limits be placed on farmers?

We believe in transparency for farmers, full disclosure for farmers.Consumers should know how their food is raised and should be free to choose which farmers they buy from, which farming methods they support.

It is that simple.

We produce better sheep, and better lamb, traditionally.

We care for and about our livestock.

We do our level best every day to care for our livestock.

Our livestock has fresh air, room to roam, grass and all of the good things.

Not that there aren't bad things on our farm or any farm too.

At the end of the day we want our consumers to know and to appreciate how we farm, and what we produce.









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