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Fourteenth Blog From the Sheep Farmers

This is the Fourteenth Blog From the Sheep Farmer at Shady Hill Farms.

It has been a long time between Blog entries and a very long Winter in Northeast Ohio!

It occurs to me as we struggled through Winter and the shed lambing of our 80 ewes that an awful lot of hard work and an awful lot of love goes into everything we produce at Shady Hill Farms.

The Premium All Natural Lamb and the Heirloom Quality 100% Virgin Wool Blankets that we offer are the product of our hands and of our love for the earth and its bounty.

During Winter and lambing we struggle against the weather.Snow drifts.Frozen pipes.Lugging bales of hay and water through deep snow.Walking 2000 feet through snow drifts to the lambing barn 10 times a day.During lambing itself we struggle with the cycle of life.Too many triplets and quads and not enough milk.Small lambs not hardy enough to survive the night.Large lambs that are so difficult to birth.Ewes with lambs but no milk.

Now you get the picture.

Now it is Spring, or it seems nearly Spring.We are making plans for a better next year while admiring the bountiful crop of lambs in our barns.We are making plans to repair our fences, spread lime on our pastures, shear our sheep and turn them out on grass.We celebrate all that is to come.



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