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Sixth Blog from the Sheep Farmer

This is the sixth blog from the sheep farmer at Shady Hill Farms.

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Better Farming: Better Lamb!

This blog is about getting it right every time.

This is harvest time and we have lambs to harvest.

But do we fill the trailer, do we take a full load?????

There would be good reasons to do that, to empty the barn and the pastures quickly and to achieve some real economies of scale on hauling of lambs and of product by the full trailer.

But we do not operate that way.

We take only the lambs that are at 12 o clock to harvest, only those lambs that are at market weight and in market condition.And we do not take lambs that are sick or undergoing antibiotic or other treatment to harvest.

That means that this week maybe 8 lambs go, or 9 or 10.Not the 20 to 30 that most folks would want to take.

Like I said at the start of this blog it is all about getting it right all the time, quality control down on the farm even if it costs us.

And benefits our customers.  



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