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This past weekend one of our Polled Dorset ewes aborted.

What did we do to respond, to address this issue which threatens our lamb crop?

Did we rush in syringe in hand and administer this and that? Did we shoot first and ask questions later as so many would do, and as so many do?

No, we proceeded in accordance with our own view of best practices.

We consulted with our attending veterinarian over the weekend.

We retrieved and preserved the aborted tissue, and sent it to a lab for extensive testing first thing today.

We'll invest our resources to determine and understand what caused the abortion, if possible.Only then will we administer vaccines or other medications to our ewes, if warranted.

Situtions like this remind us that we must always adhere to our own view of best practices, we need to invest our resources to determine what happened and how best to respond, for the long term benefit of our farm and our livestock.

That's our own view of best practices.

And we certainly will not administer medications unless we have determined that doing so is in the best interest of our farm, our livestock, and our customers.

More later.

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