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Tenth Blog From the Sheep Farmer

This is the Tenth Blog From the Sheep Farmer at Shady Hill Farms, Ltd. in Newbury, Ohio.

Our premium all natural family farm produced lamb is available at sheep skins and heirloom quality 100% virgin wool blankets.

So far there is no indication that anyone reads this blog but we will carry on.

We have had challenges at Shady Hill in 2009, and in addressing all of them I am reminded of the inviolate law of the farm: what you sew you shall reap.

In farming, but also in life in general, one reaps or harvests what one sews or plants.

Our problems are of our own making.

Taking responsibility for our problems, for the issues which challenge us, enables us to address these problems and issues and to build a better future than the past.

I celebrate all of this, that by accepting full and complete responsibility for our problems and issues we can address them and we can build a future that is better than the past.

I'd provide a real life example of this from Shady Hill's today, but am out of blog space.

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