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Eighth Blog From the Sheep Farmer

This is the Eighth Blog From the Sheep Farmer at Shady Hill Farms, Ltd., of Newbury, Ohio.

Better farming: better lamb! That is the motto\ tagline of our affiliated meat and woolen goods business,

Check them out, and check us out at

At our Farm we use manure and compost in stead of chemical fertlizers.

The manure is well composted as we clean the barns and pile the manure, it composts further in the piles.

Carcasses are also composted.

In the Fall of the year, when the growing season is over and the fields are readied for the long Winter In Northeast Ohio, we blanket the fields with composted manure and with compost.

We return nutrients to the soil in this manner, paving the way for a bountiful crop of grasses in the Spring to come.

This is suatainable agriculture at its best, manure and compost in lieu of chemical fertilizers.

The livestock will come to the barns soon, to lamb and to wait out the Winter.With the manure hauled the barns and clean and disinfected with lime and bedded with clean and fresh straw.So welcoming!

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