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Eleventh Blog From the Sheep Farmer

This is the Eleventh Blog From the Sheep Farmer at Shady Hill farms, Ltd. in Newbury, Ohio.

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I am reminded that what we do at Shady Hill farms is renewable and sustainable, all natural.

But sometimes on a day like today (!) also wet and dirty.

It is raining at Shady Hill Farms today and as grass farmers we always welcome moisture.Moisture produces grass and grass produces our livestock.

We are spreading manure at Shady Hill Farms today, too, which is long overdue from the standpoint of eliminating the piles which are an eyesore and a breeding grounds for flies and other vermin.Our fields need this abundant all natural soil additive and fertilizer.

But out spreading manure in the rain is both wet and dirty!

No matter we will continue and wrap this up before Winter.



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