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Thoughts on the past year and hopes for the Next Year!

2008 Wow what more can anyone say?!?

I predict that in the very near future, '2008' will become a popular adjective.  People will ask each other how their day went and if it was akin to trying to patch a hole in the vinyl backyard pool with a cotton ball, they'll answer "oh it was completely 2008!"

Last January - March our cattle gave it their best efforts to give birth when ever the weather turned completely rotten.  Three days of sunny and warm of 50-60; no calves.  When it started raining and the temperature dropped to 28 we could actually hear the calves landing in puddles of slushy water.  We resusitated numerous chilled calves; some in the bath tub with 90 degree water.  We would immerse them up to their noses and hold their heads for hours while core temperatures rose from 85 to 100.  We got them their first colostrum and then in a day or so, turned them back out with their mommas'.  We saved most; lost a couple.

One calf we found stuck in a muddy bog.  It was chilled and exhausted.  We pulled it out with our little tractor and put it into a steel bottomed trailer to carry her into a barn.  We strung extension cords and heat lamps.  Finally, we realized that the steel floored trailer was chilling the calf as quick as we could heat her with the lamps.  We brought out the camp stoves and heated her over the big steel plate like we were broiling a 250 pound steak in a Paul Bunyan size skillet.  Shes doing fine.

Farm equipment broke in ways that the parts department and repair shops never thought possible or anticipated.  I devised new and amazing ways to fix most of this stuff.

All the world fell into a resession except the costs of farm supplies.  The prices of cattle cubes rivals the cost of spark plugs for a Stealth Fighter while at the same time the price paid for wheat and corn in falling like my hopes for world peace. 

I was deployed to Alaska in support for our national pursuit of a world without people who disagree with us and call us bad names.  In my absense we hired a college kid who said he was raised doing farm work.  Turned out that he was raised doing what his farmer father told him to do.  He didn't have the skill or initiative to pour water our of his boot.  Upon my return I got to redo most of what he did and some was not to be reaccomplished; too late in the planting year.

Our cattle decided that fences were for kids, silly rabbit.  They wander about the place jumping in and out of the electric wire bounded 45 acre pen to get a drink or graze the winter oats when it suits them.  I would have had as much luck getting them back into their enclosure if they had learned to fly.  As a herd they are pretty much ruined.  They are still impressive too look at though.  They only solution besides the obvious and practical one of taking most of them to the OK City Stockyards, is to build barbed wire internal fencing.  This is an option which I have neither the time or inclination to do.  As an aside issue of the meandering cattle herd; their escape and elluding caused me to stay home to look after them on a hourly basis instead of taking the nine day vacation over the holiday.  It was a break which, as you have read, was way overdue and well deserved if I do say so myself. 

So my first thought is to wish that 2008 would draw to an end as quickly as possible. As if by the very stroke of the midnight bell on the appointed day, the slate would be completely wiped clean.  The cattle would put themselves back into their bottle(and stay there), the economy would brighten up; our troops would all return home safely, and the cattle would time their pregnancies/births with a better eye towards the challenges which an Oklahoma winer can bring.  I realize thought that January 1st is a contrivance of man's so we can re-nig on past promises and obligations.  Everything gets renegotiated on Jan 1st or whenever the year is up. 

Life doesn't really give us that option.  Sure, there are seasons to look forward to.  Reality doesn't keep count of how bad we have had things.  It is just a moment to moment existance.  We can have the greatest of sucesses and the greatest of failures.  It doesn't depend upon whether or not life or natures thinks we have endured enough so we now deserve to be sucessful and comfortable.

So goodbye yesterday, hello tomorrow!  Come by, have a seat and enjoy a glass of sweetened ice tea.

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