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Cheap German Wine is perfect for May Wine Recipe

In Europe and colonial days May Wine was a traditional popular drink served in spring and early summer when the Sweet Woodruff is fresh and in full bloom and was traditional served in Germany on May 1.

Celebrate with May Wine on Mother's Day with this simple recipe.


Simply gather Sweet Woodruff (makes sure it is SWEET WOODRUFF) and allow to dry, this concentrates cumarin (vanilla) which gives its fragrance and flavor.  You can cheat and dry it in the microwave.

Using an inexpensive bottle of German Riesling wine or other light white wine, steep the sweet woodruff in wine overnight, strain out the woodruff, Add 1/3 cup of sugar, shake to dissolve the sugar and chill.

When ready to serve, add one bottle of sparkling water, wine or Champagne to the mixture.  The May Wine is often served with strawberries or other fruit.

Galium odoratum
Sweet Woodruff
Height: 10"     Zone: 5     Light: part sun to shade

Description:     Fragrant ground cover combining the scents of newly mown hay and vanilla. A calming scent used to stuff pillows and scenting linen. Prefers moist shade and is a sea of white in spring. Used to make May Wine (vanilla flavor) and is an essential in a fairy garden. The FDA has rated unsafe in foodstuffs (except wine) due to compounds closely related to blood thinners. Medieval churches prepared for religious holidays by hanging woodruff. In herbal folklore this plants signify humility.




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