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Different types of HERBAL INFUSIONS to try at home

Infusions, or tisanes as they are frequently called, are made by pouring
boiling water over the herbs and allowing the mixture to steep for 10-30 minutes depending on the strength you prefer. Infusions
are used for extracting the properties of flowers and the herb or leafy
part of the plant. Always keep the container tightly closed when infusing herbs. If using a teapot, atea caddy is helpful in keeping all
the properties in the water.

A decoction is used to extract the more tenacious plant material and is
the preferred method for brewing most roots, barks and hard nuts/seeds. A decoction is made by simmering the herbs in
boiling water for 15-30 minutes depending on the strength of tea
desired. Always keep the pot tightly

Solar Infusions
Sun charge your tea! Place the herbs in a large glass jar and cover
tightly. Put in the direct sunlight and leave for several hours or until the desired flavor is attained.  There's nothing quite like the taste of
sunshine brewed in a perfect blend of herbs to lift the spirits.

Lunar Infusions
Just as solar infusions capture the essence of sunlight, lunar infusions
utilize the great luminary energy of the moon. Though much subtler than other methods of brewing herbs, lunar infusions capture a
certain magic and essence. To make, place herbs (fresh flowers are
especially nice in lunar infusions) in a crystal bowl and set the bowl in a place where it will get direct moonlight. Let sit overnight and
first thing in the morning, drink your lunar infusion. Try it on the
next full moon. You'll be enchanted.
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