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The Blossom Farm is now know under a different NAME..............

The Blossom Farm is now known as So Succulent Garden's.  Since I am not growing as many flowering perennial plants as I use to grow,  I thought a name change would be fitting.

Our new line up will include more easy to care for succulent plants, living wreaths, shell garden planters, living picture frames, easy to do garden crafts,and  of course our full line of herb and unsual 20 plus varieties of mint plants.   All making great gifts.
This we will have over 150 varieties of hens and chicks, and stonecrops.

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Season's Greetings from the Blossom Farm

Dear All,
At this Thanksgiving Season I need to look back at my past years and
and thank all my customers and the great folks at Local Harvest that has made my business a great success. 
I really want to say a special thank you to my wonderful customers when at times--- you run a family business life does happen.   We all make mistakes on occasion don't we?   It is a great pleasure to serve honest and understanding customers and I truly enjoy going the extra mile for you.
I love what I do and you make it especially pleasurable sending my orphaned plants across the United States.
May you all have a Blessed Holiday Season and New Year.

Cheap German Wine is perfect for May Wine Recipe

In Europe and colonial days May Wine was a traditional popular drink served in spring and early summer when the Sweet Woodruff is fresh and in full bloom and was traditional served in Germany on May 1.

Celebrate with May Wine on Mother's Day with this simple recipe.


Simply gather Sweet Woodruff (makes sure it is SWEET WOODRUFF) and allow to dry, this concentrates cumarin (vanilla) which gives its fragrance and flavor.  You can cheat and dry it in the microwave.

Using an inexpensive bottle of German Riesling wine or other light white wine, steep the sweet woodruff in wine overnight, strain out the woodruff, Add 1/3 cup of sugar, shake to dissolve the sugar and chill.

When ready to serve, add one bottle of sparkling water, wine or Champagne to the mixture.  The May Wine is often served with strawberries or other fruit.

Galium odoratum
Sweet Woodruff
Height: 10"     Zone: 5     Light: part sun to shade

Description:     Fragrant ground cover combining the scents of newly mown hay and vanilla. A calming scent used to stuff pillows and scenting linen. Prefers moist shade and is a sea of white in spring. Used to make May Wine (vanilla flavor) and is an essential in a fairy garden. The FDA has rated unsafe in foodstuffs (except wine) due to compounds closely related to blood thinners. Medieval churches prepared for religious holidays by hanging woodruff. In herbal folklore this plants signify humility.





Creating a Hummingbird PARADISE

The creation of a successful hummingbird habitat in your garden is easy. Like other birds, they need food, water, and spots for nesting, roosting and perching. Hummingbird metabolism dictates a diet high in sugar. A ‘typical’ hummingbird consumes half of his weight each day in sugar requiring several feedings per hour. They obtain their sugar and many other nutrients from flower nectar.

Providing a steady succession of nectar flowers from early spring until late autumn is the key to attracting these birds. Hummingbirds are particular about their flowers. These ‘hummingbird flowers’ are often red, a color which is visible to the birds, but is indistinctive for insects competing for the nectar. They often have long tubular flowers which also discourages most bees which cannot reach down far enough to get the nectar. Red is the color that gets a hummingbirds attention, but they also sample flowers of other colors and frequent them if they are good nectar producers. Although attracted to the color red flowers they won't come back if they is a poor food source.

Hummingbirds also consume many small insects which they find in the flowers. A diversity of flowers promotes a healthy diversity of insect life that is necessary for their diet.

A complete habitat also includes trees and shrubs for shade roosting, perching and nest sites. It has been suggested that willows trees are a multipurpose plant. Their flowers are a source for both nectar and small insects while the downy filaments which aid in seed dispersal are a good nest building material for the hummingbird.

Hummingbirds get their nutritional water from nectar, but they do appreciate a bird bath. The water must be shallow, to accomplish this in a regular bird bath line the bottom of the basin with flat rocks and fill with water.

Hummingbird Flowers
Anise Hyssop
Foxglove Columbine
Coral Bell
Trumpet Vine
Red Hot Pokers
Bee Balm
Lambs Ear
Obedient Plant



With proper planting a perennial garden will provide years of enjoyment with much less care than annual plantings. When placing new plants in the border, be sure to consider mature height. In designing a perennial border we recommend selecting plants from every height class to achieve a pleasing progression of size from the front to the back area. “In his garden every man may be his own artist with-out apology or explanation,” Louise Beebe Wilder wrote in the classic book Color In My Garden. In gardening you always get a second chance every spring.
Time spent on bed preparation initially will pay off in the end. Turn the soil, remove all weeds, and add plenty of organic matter. If gardening on clay, the best solution is a raised bed. In winter, clay soil merely act as a bathtub with no drain. If planning a rock garden, add small gravel for drainage. On new plantings, it is best to incorporate a slow release fertilizer. On established plantings, feed just prior to growth in early spring.
When you have removed your Blossom Farm plant from its pot, check the roots. If they are tight and circling round, it will be necessary to score the roots lightly around the rootball and loosen up the roots gently with your hand.  After planting, keep plants well watered until they begin to root into the soil usually about 4 weeks. Be sure to water thoroughly to saturate the soil surrounding the crown. Applying 2” of composted bark to your garden will help suppress weeds and keep roots cool. Avoid putting mulch directly around the crowns.
Many people will purchase plants and wonder why they die. Most perennials must have good drainage. Experiment, observe try again.
Over-watering or under-watering is often the key to the problem or sticking them in a hard ground to be ignored. Before watering get down and stick your finger in the soil to check the soil moisture. I
f possible do not water in the evening, as doing so invites disease pathogens into your garden.Removing spent blossoms, will prolong bloom time, and remove old foliage as plants die down in the late fall to reduce the spread of any disease pathogens.
Fall, is it safe for planting? The soil temperatures and night-time air temperatures are much warmer than in spring, and the plants respond by really “taking off” and forming new root growth. Then in the following spring fall plants will begin growing sooner and even outperform plants just planted in spring.

HEY!!!! Obama, Eat the View - Join Us

"Eat the View!" is a campaign to urge the Obamas to replant a large organic Victory Garden on the First Lawn with the produce going to the White House kitchen and to local food pantries.

"Eat the View" is coordinated by Kitchen Gardeners International, a Maine-based 501c3 nonprofit network of 10,000 gardeners from 100 countries who are inspiring and teaching more people to grow some of their own food.

Click on the picture to sign the petition.


Gel Air Fresheners - Great stocking stuffer

This would make great little hostess gift and of course stocking stuffer.  I hate to waste good vodka and have made them with rubbing alcohol and it is less expensive.


  • 1 packet of unflavored Knox Gelatin
  • 3/4 cup water
  • 1/4 cup vodka of grain alcohol
  • 1- 2 TBSP. fragrance oil

Food coloring as desired.  Dissolve the gelatin in the boiling water. Allow to cool to room temperature then add the vodka, coloring and scent. Pour into decorative jar (I use 8 ounce canning jar)  with tight fitting lid, and refrigerate till set.   

Later put a piece of eyelet lace (or comparable breathable fabric) on the top and screw down the ring; if giving as a gift, I would put the canning lid on, then the lace and ring.

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