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Radio George

George Kaywood is a long time radio veteran who has switched tracks from terrestrial (FM) radio to the waves of the worldwide web. With his immensely popular radio website, www.radiogeorge.com, he brings hours and hours of listening pleasure to your computer speakers.

With over 106 channels, you will not be hearing the “same ol’ thing” every two hours like you do with traditional radio. What started as a radio station dedicated to oldies, his site now offers smooth jazz, love songs, Kansas City Jazz Roots, variety, and Bubbling Under the Billboard (an offering of the songs that didn’t quite make it to the top 100 in Billboard magazine’s charts), among others.

Mike met George when he was still on traditional radio, KCMO in Kansas City and advertised on his show. George has been out to 4 D Acres to visit. When Kaywood made the switch to internet radio in 2008, 4 D Acres decided to continue to advertise there as well. Mike particularly likes the Oldies music on George’s radio station.

George was a force in radio, starting in South Carolina, initially wanting to be an actor. After several moves later to different stations across the country, George ended up at KCMO for a time. Following that, a less than ideal stint at a St. Louis station prompted Kaywood to consider his options. He could take another traditional radio job and move across the country again, but that was wearing on him and his wife. They decided to return to the Kansas City area and give internet radio a try. Although it was not by choice, George says, “I’ve had to embrace it.”

Early going it was tough. Kaywood almost threw in the towel as he realized that he was not developing a local following, but after checking his website statistics, he discovered that he was gaining traction fast internationally. He decided to stick it out and it has been good to him. He enjoys the freedom internet radio has given him, specifically in his schedule. He can wake up at 9:00am now instead of well before sunrise.

4 D Acres encourages you to tune in to www.radiogeorge.com, as we are certain that there will be a station to fit your every mood.      

Dealing with Skin Conditions

Skin conditions are sometimes difficult to deal with, not only from a cosmetic standpoint, but from a treatment and prevention standpoint. Clothing and makeup can sometimes help cover up a skin condition, but it is not always feasible, especially in warmer weather, and it does not address the problem at all.

Many skin conditions are similar in symptoms, but different in treatment and levels of cure and/or prevention. Because the differences between Psoriasis, Eczema, Dermatitis and other rashes are often confusing and misunderstood, it is best to consult your doctor as to the specifics of your condition.

When considering treatment options, you can remember that inflammation is a common root of the dry and itchy symptoms and adjust your daily skin care regimen adequately.

4 D Acres Psori-Care II is a cream containing emu oil that acts like a therapeutic balm by moisturizing the skin and reducing the itching, redness, and scaling associated with many stubborn skin conditions. Here is what one of our clients has said about it.

Thank you so much! My daughter's psoriasis is improved, using Psori-Care, to the point ALL of the scaling is gone... only smooth red spots now. We've learned to slap emu oil on a burn right away to instantly relieve the pain and prevent scarring. Even my 5th grader told a school friend with a burn, "Oh! You need emu oil for that and it won't hurt or leave a scar." Simply amazing, really!! - J.M. Perry, KS
and another.
I'm 20 years old and have had psoriasis for about 7 years. I never found any lotions that would make my spots stop itching until my dad found this product about 3 years ago. It makes my days go by a lot better because I don't have to worry about being uncomfortable and itching all of the time. It has even helped clear some of the spots where I use it twice a day. I don't use any other lotions for my psoriasis now. - L. Wise Basehor, Kansas  
We hope that you will consider giving it a try.

A Day in the Life...

It all starts with the false dawn appearing in the East as I rise for another exciting day. I dress and meet Dee at the breakfast table to discuss our plans for the day.

Then I enter the office to check the computer for orders that came in overnight. I will prepare them for shipment later this morning.

The first item on the agenda for Dee and I to tackle is to stack a few bales of hay the neighbor delivered earlier in the week. They did the majority of it, but we didn’t have enough pallets to finish the job until I brought a couple more home. The hay will be used to feed the llamas during the winter months and we use it as bedding for the emus during the breeding season.

After that job is tackled I mount the riding mower and head out to the emu pens. Dee opens and closes the gates to the breeder pens so I don’t have to dismount my mower. When the breeder pens are all mowed I head to the new emu chick pens that are under construction and mow that area.

Back in to the office to take care of the orders that came in since this morning. I answer a few e-mails, check Facebook and make a few phone calls.

The morning is now just about over, time to get a shower, shave and dress (suit and tie) for a luncheon in Kansas City, Missouri.

Before leaving the house I collect the packages that are now ready to be shipped and head to the Post Office.

I drive to Kansas City, Missouri for the luncheon and when it’s over at two o’clock, I point the truck in the right direction to go to the feed store near Kansas City, Kansas. Once the feed is loaded I am off again, this time to a meeting at the Ag Hall of Fame in Kansas City, Kansas.

The meeting is over by 5:30 PM. Back in my truck and on the road again, this time I’m heading home.

Dee has dinner fixed and waiting for me when I walk in the door. (It helps that I call her to let her know when to expect me home.)

After eating our meal and changing into my chore clothes, Dee and I go outside to unload the feed off the truck.

I again step into the office to check the computer for orders and catch up on the afternoon’s e-mails.

The evening is winding down here on the farm. The weather started out in the upper 70’s then peaked over 100 degrees, still no sign of much needed rain. The forecast is going to be the same for the next week. 

Well folks, it‘s off to bed to recharge this ol’ body so I can do it all again tomorrow.

Goodnight and thanks for letting me share one day in my life.  


How Pure is Your Emu Oil?

Earlier this year the American Emu Association (AEA) reported that there have been cases where emu oil has been adulterated or cut with other ingredients and then an attempt was made to pass the resulting product off as pure Emu Oil.

"We have heard of cases where unscrupulous dealers have cut the emu oil with vegetable oil or some other oil and then tried to sell it to an unsuspecting product company." Mike Eppley, president of the AEA.

Perhaps that is the reason that the AEA has made a random purchase of emu oil from different sources, including several online stores, eBay and Amazon, and directly from farms. Eleven total samples were purchased and sent to a lab that had never analyzed emu oil before thus removing any bias that might be present from labs that regularly analyze emu oil. A fatty acid profile was done on each sample, compared to the international trade rules for emu oil and only 5 of the eleven samples were confirmed as pure emu oil, in spite of the labels indicating that they were all pure emu oil. 6 of the eleven were found to be straight corn or soybean oil and or the same blended with emu oil.

In an earlier post, we described the AEA requirements for using the AEA Certified Emu Oil Seal, as well as the emu oil grading system. Please, if you are not purchasing your emu oil from us, be sure that you are getting what you pay for. 4 D Acres prides itself in providing you with the highest quality emu oil products.

Reputable emu oil distributors should have an available fatty acid profile of their oil that can be provided to customers and this can be compared to the international trade rules.

Do you have questions? Please do not hesitate to email us at info@4dacres.com or call us at 1-877-837-4119.

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