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Much of what we do at 4 D Acres is answer questions. We want to let you in on what other people are asking in case you had the same question but hadn’t asked it yet.

Q. I am trying to understand the differences between the various emu oils. It looks like the more qualities you are touting, the more refined the oil is, which is a little counter-intuitive to me! Please enlighten me. My main interest is in moisturizing, though I'm certainly interested in pain relief as well.

A. The differences between our 100% Pure Emu Oil, Clear Emu Oil and Ultra Emu oil are as follows:

Our 100% Pure Emu Oil is fully refined in a food grade, inspected refinery and is a creamy white oil. The creamy whiteness is from solids that melt at skin temperature and are absorbed into the skin.

The Clear Emu Oil is the 100% Pure Emu Oil which goes through a process called winterization that removes these solids (not additional refining) thus providing an oil which is absorbed by the skin faster as no solids are present.

Ultra Emu Oil
is the 100% Pure Emu Oil which has had some anti-inflammatory inhibitors removed by a patent pending process (not additional refining) thus making it 45% more effective for pain than the 100% Pure Emu Oil or the Clear Emu Oil.  

Q. I have a question about the Emu Oil soft gel caps. I have a lot of allergies so I have to check anything I ingest extremely carefully (even more than what I put on my skin). So I need from you please a complete list of everything that is in these gel caps, including what type of capsules they are. This would solve a real problem for me if there's nothing in there that will make me sick.

A. The Emu Oil Gel Caps consist solely of Pure Emu Oil with less than .2 of 1% of Tocopherol (All Natural Vitamin E) enclosed in a Gelatin Capsule.

Please submit additional questions regarding emu oil, 4 D Acres, and 4 D Acres products to info@4dacres.com.
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