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Help for a Dietary Dilemma

It seems as if dietary guidelines change every time we turn around. From low fat to no fat, from low carb to liquid diets, the list goes on. One thing that has been found to be true again and again in real scientific studies is that our bodies need fat – the right kind of fat in the right proportions.

Although some would argue that all you need to have the right nutrition is to eat a well-balanced diet, that is indeed easier said than done. Our busy lifestyles, on the run eating habits, and unavailability of certain food types because of seasons or geographic locations all contribute to a lack of nutritional balance.

When it comes to healthy fats, or essential fatty acids, we have been told that the best ones for our bodies are unsaturated fats, especially Omega fatty acids. They aid the body in maintaining a healthy metabolism and also in the reduction of cholesterol, by balancing the saturated fat content in the body. Not often found in the typical American diet, these fats are normally found in marine and plant oils, but also in emu oil. For this reason, it is wise to supplement your diet with sources of Omega fatty acids not found in your typical diet, and a gel cap is one of the best ways to implement essential fatty acids to your diet.

This all-natural dietary supplement is an excellent source of Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9 essential fatty acids that are required for maintaining optimum health. 4 D Acres offers a convenient daily supplement called Emu-Gel Caps to provide you with these essential fatty acids. Don’t believe us, though. Take it from our customer!

I have been using emu oil capsules since the Wichita farm show. You were convincing when you talked about the change in your cholesterol readings. I think I told you at Wichita in November that I have suffered foot pain for several years because of bone spurs on my heels. I just realized that I don't have this pain anymore. I have not changed any of my meds. - C. Henton, Manhattan, Kansas
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