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Like Pure Water

Like pure water, 100% Pure Fully Refined Clear Emu Oil is clear. And the benefits are clear as well. Because of the further refining of this product, it penetrates your skin quicker and begins to work on the healing faster.

Regular emu oil is a creamy white and while it is still a grade A oil, and is great to use for all topical applications, the 100% Pure Fully Refined Clear Emu Oil has had all cloudiness (solids which melt at skin temperature) removed to give you a product that is so effective in its fast penetration that you can apply it right before your makeup without the need to wait, as it to absorbs quickly before you begin to apply your foundation. It will add instant moisture and even plump up fine lines around the eyes, and is great to use all over the face and neck to give your skin a smoother and healthier appearance. (Men can also use emu oil on their face to help with razor burn and those fine lines that they also get as they age.)

Just one or two drops are sufficient to cover and moisturize your entire face. You can even use it on your cuticles, split fingers, bruises, and aching muscles. It is perfect to use anywhere you want quick penetration and fast relief.

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