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The Unique Properties of Emu Oil ~ Part 2

In an earlier post we explored some of the properties of emu oil by posting links to scientific evidence regarding those qualities. We will continue to do the same for three more properties of emu oil, including the qualities of non-comedogenic, immunity boosting, and high absorption.
While emu oil is just beginning to make its mark in the world of clinical trials, there are some studies that seem to indicate that the qualities of pure emu oil are well founded. We will share a few of those studies with you regarding some key properties of emu oil. Click on the red text to open hyperlinked article.

· Non-Comedogenic ~ Does not clog pores
Moisturizing and cosmetic properties of emu oil: A pilot double blind study
In 1994, Dr. Alexander Zemstov conducted a "double blind" study on the properties of Emu Oil and he concluded the following properties of Emu oil: highly penetrating, emulsifier, bacteriostatic, low irritation potential, and non-comedogenic.”

· Stimulates skin immune system
Omega 3 and Your Immune System Because of the Omega 3 content in emu oil, it is said to boost the immune system in the skin. Here is an article that talks specifically about Omega 3 fatty acids with regard to immunity.

· Promotes faster healing due to rapid absorption
Emu Oil Research
The second to the last article on the above page, Emu Cream Assists Lidocaine: Local Anesthetic Absorption through Human Skin, suggests that the absorption from emu oil actually allows it to serve as a carrier for other medications into the skin to areas where healing needs to occur.  

Further information regarding these properties can be found in this article that focuses on hair loss but actually elaborates on other benefits and qualities of emu oil, citing specific scientific research.  

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