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What’s Cooking in the 4 D Acres Kitchen?

 Emuversatile, Emutasty, Emulicious,

These are just a few words, albeit made up, to describe the versatility of emu meat. Here at 4 D Acres, we have found that emu is such a mild tasting meat that it can easily be adapted to a variety of recipes that call for beef, pork, chicken or turkey. Without a heavy gamey taste that you might expect, the emu meat’s mildness allows it to work well with a large variety of seasonings and ingredients. Here is our adaptation of a chorizo recipe that we found on the internet. It originally called for ground pork, so we substitute ground emu meat for the pork. It is a snap to mix together, and just takes minutes to cook through. Lower heats are recommended to avoid a tough chew.  

Homemade Emu Chorizo  

This is great in a breakfast burrito with scrambled eggs and salsa in a flour or corn tortilla.  

1 lb ground emu
1 tsp. salt
1 Tbsp. red Chile powder (cayenne)
1 lg clove garlic (mashed)
2 Tbsp. apple cider vinegar  

Mix all ingredients together then add to the emu meat, blend with fork. To cook: Use either a non stick skillet or a fry pan lightly coated with vegetable oil spray. Cook over medium-low heat, stirring continuously until lightly browned. Drain off liquid. (We put the cooked meat mixture in a bowl, cover it, then refrigerate and eat the next day. This gives the flavors time to meld.)

For scrambled eggs and chorizo: Add 2 tbsp. meat mixture per each beaten egg and scramble. Remaining mixture can be used in a salad, taco, meat/bean/cheese burrito, etc.
Vinegar and cayenne can be adjusted according to taste. The vinegar counters the effects of the heat, so adjust vinegar down and cayenne up for spicier sausage. Enjoy!
  Here's a quote from a family friend after she tried our homemade emu chorizo:
This is good and I don’t have to add my hot sauce.” Becky Gomez

We are certain that you’ll find this recipe a welcome addition to your healthy lifestyle, especially if you love chorizo but don’t like the heavy oil content of pork chorizo. Emu meat is classified as poultry and is lower in fat and cholesterol than chicken and even turkey. It has a flavor similar to beef and can be used in any dishes that call for beef.

For more recipes, check out the Official Cookbook of the American Emu Association available on our website.


So, what's cooking in your kitchen?

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