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Winter at 4 D Acres

Winter Time Laying Season

Winter time here at 4 D Acres is laying season.  Emu lay their eggs in the winter time.   As summer approches in Australia the laying season for the emu comes to a close but it is just starting here in the northern hemisphere.  Once a hen starts laying it is usually on a three day cycle whereas we can check that pen every third day at about the same time to find a fresh egg has been laid.  This really helps once freezing weather sets in so we can be ready to pick up the egg so that it does not freeze.  Daily we have the task to check for eggs in the pens as all hens do not lay on the same day.  Great care is given to make sure that they are carefully collected, dusted off, weighed, recorded and then placed in a holding refrigerator for later batch hatching.  We can successfully hold eggs at a cool temperature for approximately 45 days prior to placing them in an incubator to begin the hatching process. 

Also at this time some eggs are selected for sale as fresh eggs.  A great omlet they make with one emu egg equaling about 10 - 12 chicken eggs.  Milder tasting than a chicken egg they are fluffier when cooked making the emu egg an excellent choice for baking.  When we empty an egg we drill a small 1/8 inch hold in the shell, break the yolk up with a skewer, then with a 60cc syringe we pull a portion of the egg out and place in a bowl.  From that point on we force air in with the syringe and hold the egg over the bowl as the air displaces the egg.  This is repeated until the egg is empty.  At that point we measure the egg into 1/4 cup portions, add a small amount of salt, freeze in a zip lock bag and we have fresh egg for later use.

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