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Educating the Value-Driven Consumer

How do you know what you are buying? How do you separate marketing hype from facts? Is price point all you consider when you are purchasing products that you gravitate to because of their health value?

Emu oil, for all its positive qualities, does not escape from the hard pitches and advertising gimmicks. It is our desire at 4D Acres to educate consumers, so that they know just what they are getting when they exchange their hard-earned money for our products.

Does your oil make the grade?

Emu oil is classified into three grades*, A, B and C. Grade A emu oil must be fully refined and meet the international trade rules for Grade A emu oil.

Grade B emu oil has been fully refined, but does not meet the international trade rules for Grade A emu oil. It is commonly used in products or and is sold for use on animals by 4 D Acres.

Grade C emu oil has been rendered, but not refined. It is used in the making of lye soap and for light industrial use.

*pharmaceutical grade, cosmetic grade , triple refined; these are marketing terms used by some product companies and add nothing to the quality of the oil.

What determines quality in emu oil?

The feeding and care of the birds can affect the quality of the oil. If quality is important to you, you might want to know exactly where your oil is coming from and what the diet of the birds producing that oil is. Poor feed will result in a lesser quality oil.

Proper care and age of the emu fat will and can also determine the quality of the oil. Fat that is stored too long cannot be brought up to Grade A standards.

The color of oil is another factor. While the color of the oil may meet the tolerances of a Grade A emu oil, 4 D Acres only sells creamy white emu oil. Any color variation is automatically downgraded to Grade B. The Ultra Emu Oil ™ and the Clear Emu Oil offered by 4 D Acres only come from creamy white oil.

AEA Certified Emu Oil?

AEA (American Emu Association) Certified Emu Oil is pure emu oil that has been tested by an AOCS (American Oil Chemist Society) certified chemist and has been certified to meet the stringent specifications for the Emu Oil Fully Refined Trade rules. This well-documented certification process ensures that the emu oil has been tested and has achieved the specifications of Pure Fully Refined Emu Oil. A sample is held in storage and can be pulled for testing if there is any question of product purity. Only pure emu oil that has gone through this stringent process can carry the AEA Certification Seal. (as shown)

All companies must be registered with the American Emu Association in order to sell and carry the American Emu Association Certified Fully Refined seal on their label, websites and/or advertising.

Does the refining process matter?

This is a question that many people have. Because some refining methods are terribly inefficient and totally ineffective at producing a safe, consistent, top quality, stable finished product, it is important to consider the source of your emu oil and its refining process. The two most common refining methods are molecular distillation and physical refining.

Molecular distillation is popular in the cosmetics industry, maybe most notably for stripping vitamin E from soybean oil so that it can be used in other products and applications. It can however be ineffective for emu oil because it could potentially strip essential properties from the oil as it is not completely understood what the exact components of emu oil are that deliver its amazing benefits. Molecular distillation involves spinning the oil over metal plates at variable speeds with the intent of separating the impurities, but it has not been proven to be effective with emu oil. In fact, the process can leave high levels of peroxide which will cause the oxidization of the oil, creating a rapid turning of the oil to a rancid state.

4 D Acres chooses to use a refinery that uses the physical refining method. Physical refining does not add any chemicals to the oil as some websites would lead you to believe. The process is all-natural and environmentally safe, using natural clays to treat the oil, removing impurities, pigments and bacteria. No harsh chemicals are used.

It is our desire to bring you the highest quality product at the fairest price. We hope that the next time you consider an emu oil purchase, that you will consider 4 D Acres emu oil.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@4dacres.com with any questions or comments.

It’s Grillin’ Time

Summertime means cooking outdoors to keep the house cool. For your next meal, try slow-grilling a free range broiler chicken from 4 D Acres. Our birds come ready for cooking. They are not injected with water or other filler liquids, and you’ll find them to be very flavorful. There is not a lot of fat on the birds either.

To slow grill a whole chicken, thaw in the refrigerator, then rinse inside and out. Lightly salt the inside of the bird cavity with coarse sea salt as well as the outside. Add pepper if desired. Leave the skin on as it will help retain the bird’s moisture as it cooks. Place on the top rack of your gas grill over low heat and let cook for about 1 ½ to 2 hours. Check periodically after one hour of cooking time. This low and slow cooking will give you a tender, juicy, and flavorful main dish for your next meal. You will see the skin begin to pull away from the bone as it approaches doneness.

The USDA cooking recommendation is to cook chicken to 165°F using a digital food thermometer and is best measured at the thickest part of the inner thigh. Our free range broiler chickens are also great fried or broiled. They are available for shipping to your residence or for pick up at 4 D Acres.

Email info@4Dacres.com for more information. Do you have a favorite chicken recipe? We would love to hear from you about it!

Talking Chickens at 4 D Acres

Up to three times a year we will order chickens to raise here on the farm and offer as free range broiler chickens. Mike calls the Stover Hatchery in Stover, Missouri with a month anticipation to order 200 birds at a time. Immediately upon placing that order, he calls the processing plant to schedule processing, as the timing is key to get the optimum size and weight from the bird.

The day old chicks are delivered First Class U.S. Mail (as are all baby birds in the United States), in two aerated cardboard boxes, taped together, one on top of the other. About 5:00 or 6:00 a.m. we receive a phone call here at the farm from the local post office that the birds are ready for pick up. We try to get them right away as there is no way to keep 200 baby chicks from peeping in the post office.

The “Chicken Suite” has already been prepared for their arrival – prepped with heat lamps and their pine chip bedding laid and warmed. Water and unmedicated meat bird feed is also placed for easy access. The feed is a special mash for meat birds. Our chickens are not egg layers.

After 2 ½ weeks the birds have started feathering and are allowed to free range in the yard, feeding on bugs and grasses in addition to their standard feed. Their water is now outside which gets them out into the fresh air. They are locked up at night to protect them from predators.

Between 42 to 45 days, they are sent to ANCO Poultry Processing, a local family owned company in the next county to the southwest of Louisburg. After they are processed, they are shrink wrapped and flash frozen and we then store them in freezers here at 4 D Acres. Delicious fried, smoked and barbecued, they are low in fat content, and not injected with water or liquid flavors or fillers. Pampered Chef has a great video on how to cut up a chicken.

Delicious fried, smoked and barbecued, they are low in fat content, and not injected with water or liquid flavors or fillers. Pampered Chef has a great YouTube video on how to cut up a chicken.

The chickens are available for local delivery or pick up at the farm. We have shipped them before as well. For more information email us at info@4dacres.com.  

Emu Oil ~ Nature's Perfect Emollient

Emu oil is said to be nature's "perfect emollient". It is a superb transdermal carrier that promotes healing from the inside out.

With high levels of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, emu oil has been shown to thicken the skin making it a natural anti-aging agent. Because human skin thins as we age, emu oil is the perfect remedy for moisture balance as well as overall skin health. In a study by: Dr. Leigh Hopkins of the AEA Oil Standards Team (Research Leader), emu oil was found to be so beneficial to the health of human skin because of the similarities between the two.
“Summary: When compared with human skin oil, the fatty acid composition of emu oil is found to be quite similar. In both types of oil, mono-unsaturated oleic acid is the most prevalent fatty acid, followed by palmitic acid, then linoleic acid, which is an EFA. This similarity may be one of the factors enabling emu oil to have such a positive action on human skin.”
One of the ongoing concerns in the cosmetic industry has always been the quality of a skin care product known as comedogenics, which basically considers whether it clogs pores or not. Emu oil is not only non-comedogenic, meaning that it will not clog pores and cause irritation, but it is a natural anti-inflammatory and will ease flare-ups of acne and other skin ailments. In a double blind study on the Moisturizing and Cosmetic Properties of Emu Oil, realized by Dr. Alexander Zemtsov, (Indiana University School of Medicine), Dr. Monica Gaddis, (Ball Memorial Hospital), and Dr. Victor Montalvo-Lugo, (Ball Memorial Hospital), emu oil was preferred over mineral oil for moisturizing the skin.
“Summary: Eleven human subjects took part in a double-blind clinical study which compared emu oil with mineral oil in texture, skin permeability and moisturizing properties, as well as comedogenicity and irritability to the skin. No irritation to the skin was observed with either oil. However, comedogenicity of emu oil was significantly lower than that of mineral oil, and all subjects stated a unanimous preference for emu oil.”

Magic Formula for Skin Care

Our faces are subject to an enormous amount of potential damage. This is because of exposure to the sun, dirt and dust, bacteria passed from our hands, and of course, the effects of aging. While we cannot stop the clock or the calendar from advancing, we can take important steps to minimize the effects of aging and the effects of environmental damage to the skin.

After proper facial cleansing, balanced moisture in the skin is next on the priority list for a healthy look from the neck up. 4 D Acres offers an amazing product called Golden Magic. Golden Magic is an age-defying essential oil serum which contains biological active ingredients including vitamins A, C and E to promote skin elasticity, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and minimizing the signs of aging. Only 100% all natural ingredients known for their restorative properties are used to formulate this fabulous night serum, including emu oil, Grape Seed Oil, Vitamin A, Vitamin C (microencapsulated), and Vitamin E (Natural Tocopherol).

Golden Magic will transfer nutrients through the skin barrier faster than any substance on the planet. Only two small drops applied to the face and neck is all that is needed following your gentle nighttime cleansing routine. Don’t take our word for it. See what our customers are saying!


The Golden Magic is working like its name! I've been using it faithfully for the last 2 years - most of my discolor facial skin disappear, and I appear younger looking because my skin has less wrinkles - no one believe that I'm in mid sixty, they thought I'm in forties!!! - T.T. Kansas City, MO

I love your products so much that I wrote Dr. Oz to brag about them. The Golden Magic is just that...MAGIC!! I have fought dry skin all my life. Now I just use two drops of Golden Magic, and I am moisturized and hydrated. I use the massage oil in the shower to lock in moisture and then use the body lotion after the shower. I love the shampoo and conditioner. As my other products are finished, I will replace them all with your products. Great stuff. I am 54 and don't look it now. Even my neck is losing wrinkles! Thanks for great products. - J.P. Savannah, GA

What is Inflammation

Inflammation is the body’s natural response to an injury or an infection, characterized by redness, heat, swelling, pain and dysfunction of the organs involved. There are both acute (immediate) and chronic (long-term) inflammation and have some interesting distinctions.

Stubbing your toe or getting bit by a mosquito causes acute inflammation, which is actually a signal that your body has begun to heal the affected area. Because of the above-mentioned characteristics, the inflammation is both a positive (healing) and a negative (bothersome).

Chronic inflammation is more serious in that it is both healing and destructive at the same time and tends to proliferate and worsen over time. Allergies and auto-immune diseases are examples of chronic inflammation.

Knowing about inflammation is great, but the real issue is what to do about it! According to the School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences, Roseworthy Campus, University of Adelaide, Roseworthy, SA, Australia, orally administered emu oil decreases acute inflammation in lab rats. They were being treated for mucositis resulting from cancer chemotherapy. “Emu oil decreased acute ileal inflammation, and improved mucosal architecture in the intestine during recovery from chemotherapy in rats.”


Emu oil has been found to be effective most evidently in topical applications because the transdermal qualities allow the emu oil to penetrate the skin and heal lesions and injuries, such as bug bites, bruises, scrapes, burns, and rashes.

Your Skin is Unique To You

Your skin is unique to you, with its special needs and requirements. You should use a product that can address the needs of your skin. Derma 50 is a unique skin care product for your special skin care needs. It is derived from “all natural” ingredients that have incredible transdermal effects due to the emu oil content. Because of a remarkable patent called “Preparation of Stable Aqueous Emulsion of Water-Insoluble Particles" (U.S. Patent #5.3093.461), Derma 50 is unequaled in the market.

When you spend money on your cosmetic products, you must choose wisely, carefully considering your pocketbook with your skin’s individual requirements. Often, other products are manufactured far more inexpensively because they contain chemicals that are easily obtained and added to products, but might not be healthy for our skin.

The long term cost may be much higher, even though it may cost less, because it is still uncertain if chemicals and synthetics harm our skin or even possibly inhibit the healing process of the other natural ingredients. Products derived from “all natural” ingredients can be more expensive but more effective, actually resulting in a much wiser investment.

The raw ingredients used in Derma 50, such as surfactants (oils), thickeners, preservatives and antioxidants, originate from all natural sources. Many are natural derivatives of products from Germany, France, Italy and other European countries.

DERMA 50 can be used in many treatment applications, including burns, rashes, bedsores, poison ivy, and more, and is safe for all ages. DERMA 50 will significantly hasten the healing process and reduce scarring.

4 D Acres will always guarantee your satisfaction or your money back.

The Unique Properties of Emu Oil

The internet is filled with information about emu oil, some verified and some not. Some of it can be downright misleading. For that reason, 4 D Acres tries to give you information that is backed by scientific studies.

While emu oil is just beginning to make its mark in the world of clinical trials, there are some studies that seem to indicate that the qualities of pure emu oil are well founded.

We will share a few of those studies with you regarding some key properties of emu oil.Click on the red text to open hyperlinked article.

· Anti-inflammatory activity Emu oil(s): a source of non-toxic transdermal anti-inflammatory agents in aboriginal medicine.
This study has found that “The 'oil' obtained from emu fat can be a very effective inhibitor of chronic inflammation in rats when applied dermally…”

· Penetration enhanced for topical skin products Letter to the Editor, Australasian Journal of Dermatology
A report on a study finding emu oil to be “totally non-irritating, having good moisturizing properties, cosmetically pleasing texture, and low incidence of comedogenicity.” Additionally it states that “the most intriguing property of emu oil, …is its proposed ability to penetrate the [skin]. See top of the 2nd page (page 160).

· Rapid skin cell rejuvenation Why the Excitement About Emu Oil? Deena Gentle shares some interesting findings on emu oil, including a quote from Mark Potter is president of Atlantis Labs and Stephen Marcus Manufacturing, “Our tests have shown that emu oil provides the skin with essential fatty acids which help the skin respond to healing."

· Significant scar reduction
Emu Oil Research
A resume of published medical research from a variety of sources, both in Australia and around the world, into various properties that have been attributed to Emu Oil. Pay particular note to "Evaluation of Emu Oil in Lubrication and Treatment of Healed Burn Wounds", in which it is found that emu oil assists in scar reduction and healing associated with burns.

4 D Acres is committed to bringing you the highest quality emu oil products and information regarding those products.

Questions? Email us at info@4dacres.com


Radio George

George Kaywood is a long time radio veteran who has switched tracks from terrestrial (FM) radio to the waves of the worldwide web. With his immensely popular radio website, www.radiogeorge.com, he brings hours and hours of listening pleasure to your computer speakers.

With over 106 channels, you will not be hearing the “same ol’ thing” every two hours like you do with traditional radio. What started as a radio station dedicated to oldies, his site now offers smooth jazz, love songs, Kansas City Jazz Roots, variety, and Bubbling Under the Billboard (an offering of the songs that didn’t quite make it to the top 100 in Billboard magazine’s charts), among others.

Mike met George when he was still on traditional radio, KCMO in Kansas City and advertised on his show. George has been out to 4 D Acres to visit. When Kaywood made the switch to internet radio in 2008, 4 D Acres decided to continue to advertise there as well. Mike particularly likes the Oldies music on George’s radio station.

George was a force in radio, starting in South Carolina, initially wanting to be an actor. After several moves later to different stations across the country, George ended up at KCMO for a time. Following that, a less than ideal stint at a St. Louis station prompted Kaywood to consider his options. He could take another traditional radio job and move across the country again, but that was wearing on him and his wife. They decided to return to the Kansas City area and give internet radio a try. Although it was not by choice, George says, “I’ve had to embrace it.”

Early going it was tough. Kaywood almost threw in the towel as he realized that he was not developing a local following, but after checking his website statistics, he discovered that he was gaining traction fast internationally. He decided to stick it out and it has been good to him. He enjoys the freedom internet radio has given him, specifically in his schedule. He can wake up at 9:00am now instead of well before sunrise.

4 D Acres encourages you to tune in to www.radiogeorge.com, as we are certain that there will be a station to fit your every mood.      

A Day in the Life...

It all starts with the false dawn appearing in the East as I rise for another exciting day. I dress and meet Dee at the breakfast table to discuss our plans for the day.

Then I enter the office to check the computer for orders that came in overnight. I will prepare them for shipment later this morning.

The first item on the agenda for Dee and I to tackle is to stack a few bales of hay the neighbor delivered earlier in the week. They did the majority of it, but we didn’t have enough pallets to finish the job until I brought a couple more home. The hay will be used to feed the llamas during the winter months and we use it as bedding for the emus during the breeding season.

After that job is tackled I mount the riding mower and head out to the emu pens. Dee opens and closes the gates to the breeder pens so I don’t have to dismount my mower. When the breeder pens are all mowed I head to the new emu chick pens that are under construction and mow that area.

Back in to the office to take care of the orders that came in since this morning. I answer a few e-mails, check Facebook and make a few phone calls.

The morning is now just about over, time to get a shower, shave and dress (suit and tie) for a luncheon in Kansas City, Missouri.

Before leaving the house I collect the packages that are now ready to be shipped and head to the Post Office.

I drive to Kansas City, Missouri for the luncheon and when it’s over at two o’clock, I point the truck in the right direction to go to the feed store near Kansas City, Kansas. Once the feed is loaded I am off again, this time to a meeting at the Ag Hall of Fame in Kansas City, Kansas.

The meeting is over by 5:30 PM. Back in my truck and on the road again, this time I’m heading home.

Dee has dinner fixed and waiting for me when I walk in the door. (It helps that I call her to let her know when to expect me home.)

After eating our meal and changing into my chore clothes, Dee and I go outside to unload the feed off the truck.

I again step into the office to check the computer for orders and catch up on the afternoon’s e-mails.

The evening is winding down here on the farm. The weather started out in the upper 70’s then peaked over 100 degrees, still no sign of much needed rain. The forecast is going to be the same for the next week. 

Well folks, it‘s off to bed to recharge this ol’ body so I can do it all again tomorrow.

Goodnight and thanks for letting me share one day in my life.  


Snow Birds

While there is no snow currently on the ground at 4 D Acres, and there has only been a light dusting of snow earlier this winter, we wanted to share the answer to what is a common question in the winter.The question is regarding emus in the snow, although often phrased in terms of comfort, behavior, or special needs.

The snow does not actually bother the birds. If it has not snowed in a while, they are leery to walk in it at first, but soon make their way to the open air of their outdoor pens, and are thereafter not affected. We make sure they have adequate shelter available that they can access at will. We have noticed that they will seek shelter when the temperatures are below freezing and there is a strong wind. The emu will often stand, unbothered, under a snowfall until they have a couple of inches on their backs. While their feathers are not waterproof, they do have a layer of fat just under their hides that insulates them and keeps them warm.

One might think that the emu, originating in Australia, might be accustomed to only warm temperatures. It does get quite cold and even snows in Australia. Their seasons just mirror ours. The emu acclimates itself as the temperature changes, but a sudden long-distance transfer of location might disturb them, because of temperature, humidity, air density and air quality factors.

Even when the weather is quite cold, the birds love to be hosed down with water. They are also quite unaffected by any ice accumulation on their feathers. The emus walk carefully when there is ice on the ground. The emu could slip and fall and potentially break a leg if there is ice on the ground, but they seem to manage, walking carefully so as not to slip and slide.


This Isn’t Just Any Dog and Pony Show

If you were to have a dog and pony show – a travelling circus in the late 19th, early 20thcenturies – you’d want your dogs and ponies to be in tip top shape! 4 D Acres can help! It’s no dog trick that you can keep your pet’s coat shiny and healthy by adding emu oil to their diet with just a few drops in their food. The rich emollients in the emu oil also help restore the beauty to their hair when added to your favorite pet shampoo. If your pet has had a real dog day and injured itself, the transdermal properties of the emu oil speed healing and aids in reduced scarring. See what this dog lover has to say about Rusty's Refined Emu Oil.
Our dog ZAPATO is a large black and silver German Shepherd and Lab mix. We were told she was allergic to the saliva in flea bites, so every time she was bitten it caused a large red bump. Her vet put her on medication for 2 months and finally the bumps were gone. But then we had another problem, the medication had left her skin dry as toast, and she had huge white flakes in her fur. It looked like a very bad case of dandruff. What her vet sold me didn't work, and the biting and scratching got worst. Then I remembered buying Rusty's Refined Emu Oil and started using it on her problem areas. It calmed her skin down immediately and gave her much needed relief. Now after 3 weeks here dry skin condition is gone and so are the white flakes. ZAPATO's coat feel like silk and is in beautiful condition. I used a small amount of oil and rubbed it in with my fingers by giving her a puppy massage. Thank you Rusty and Mike - CL & ZAPATO TOO Merriam KS
We’re not horsing around with your ponies either. Does your equine have cracked hooves or open wounds from fences or equipment? Equine Aid is a deep penetrating, non-irritating, highly moisturizing, all natural nutritional supplement to the skin. Keep one in your first aid kit. Don’t take it from us. Check out this reviews by some of our faithful customers.
At the Farm and Ranch Show this week I learned for the first time of emu oil, and the benefits it can have for cuts on horses. I decided to buy some to have on hand, just in case. Unbelievably enough this very Friday our 8 month old filly didn't like that we moved her mother to another location. One of the benefits for doing this was to try to wean the filly. But she panicked tonight and jumped the neighbor's fence that is chain link with a hot wire and barbed wire on top. She received about 6 different very large gashes across her chest and above her leg. I called our vet but could not get a hold of anyone. I thought of the emu oil that I had just purchased. I applied it with a Q-tip, but I wanted to confirm are we supposed to do anything else besides apply it twice a day? How much of it are we supposed to try and get into or onto the cuts? The timing of all this I whole heart believe it's nothing short of a miracle. The Lord's guidance was definitely involved in the decision to purchase the Equine Aide. Thank You, - I. B. Wichita, Kansas
  Just when you thought the show was over:  
I want to thank you for letting me know that the Emu Oil would be safe in treating my cat (Angel's) wound. She was hurt and I found out late in the evening. I noticed she had a lump on her side, when I went to investigate the wound erupted. I cleaned her up and she was not happy. After calling you I put Emu Oil on the wound and the next morning it was healed. What a miracle. I was already convinced you have a great product, but after this it was confirmed beyond belief. I saved a lot of money and worry by using the (Emu) oil and it was easier on Angel. She is not fond of the ride to the vet. Thank you! so so much! - S.T. Shawnee, KS
  So whether you have dogs or ponies or a herd of cats, consider 4 D Acres Emu Oil Products for your pets. Rusty's Refined Emu Oil and Equine Aid are grade B oil, which means that it is refined but does not meet the international trade rules for a grade A oil. Perfect for animal use.

Business Profile-Louisburg Cider Mill

As a small business owner, I do not take for granted that I owe much of my success to other people and small businesses. One particular business comes to mind: The Louisburg Cider Mill, owned by Tom and Shelly Schierman. They were one of my first distributor to carry the 4 D Acres Emu Oil products, and that was fourteen years ago.

Quite the success story themselves, they started the Louisburg Cider Mill in the Fall of 1977 in a restored 120 year old barn. Experiencing what some would call “overnight success” after a Kansas City Star article, they are no strangers to hard work. Known especially for their apple cider (of course!), apple cider donuts (oh so delicious, especially when fresh and hot), Lost Trail sodas, and fruit butters, they are a growing operation as they have added products and attractions through the years. In spite of their growth, their customer service is second to none.

Pick your own pumpkins and watch fresh apple cider being made in the fall, enjoy a cold Lost Trail root beer in the summer, and enjoy shopping in their country store year round for gift baskets, food items, souvenirs, cookware, and of course 4 D Acres Emu Oil products!!

My favorite product is the Refined Emu Oil. I use it on little scaly areas of dry skin that lotion just can't help. One of my employees is certain that the Refined Emu Oil kept her from having a big crater scar after being bit by a brown recluse spider.
~Shelly Schierman

I have found the Louisburg Cider Mill to be huge supporters of other local small businesses. 4 D Acres has participated in their Fall Cider Fest with a display of our products as well as a live emu for the public to see. We have participated with them and other local farms on the Miami County Farm Tour as well. I consider Tom and Shelly to be valuable business friends and community members. They ship anywhere in the US and abroad through their online store or mail order catalog, but if you are ever in the Kansas City area, it is worth it to put the Louisburg Cider Mill on your itinerary.

“We continue today as we began. All of our food products are produced from the finest ingredients available. We guarantee every item in this catalog to you 100% satisfaction. If you are ever not satisfied, just call us and we’ll make it right.”

- Tom & Shelly Schierman

Here is a great video from YouTube from a FoodNetwork special done on the Cider Mill.

Interested in becoming a 4 D Acres Emu Oil distributor? Email me at mike@4dacres.com or call 877.837.4119.


Emu Oil’s Quick Delivery

I’m not talking about product delivery with Priority or Express Mail. I’m not talking about the fact that the emu bird can easily run 35 to 40 miles per hour.  I am talking about the transdermal qualities of the emu oil.

Transdermal is a term that is used throughout my website, catalog, brochures and blog, and I thought it might be a good idea to explain just what that means to you as a consumer. Transdermal means that it quickly penetrates into the deeper layers of your skin instead of remaining strictly on the surface. The highly transdermal properties of emu oil contribute to the quick delivery of healing components.

According to an article by Dr. Frank Orthoefer, called “Looking Into Emu Oil”, the beneficial biological properties of emu oil were substantiated by the research of noted scientist and investigator, Dr. Robert Nicolosi of the University of Massachusetts. Emu oil was found to have significant  cholesterol lowering, anti-inflammatory and transdermal characteristics. These findings were pivotal because until then, the qualities of emu oil were based largely on testimonials and anecdotal evidence and not cold hard scientific facts.

Our skin consists of 3 primary layers, the epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue. Both the epidermis and dermis have several layers themselves which provide different functions. One of the primary functions of the epidermis is to protect your body from bacteria and infection. For this reason, it does not easily absorb just any liquid. Think about when you wash your hands. Your hands are not absorbing water while you wash.

For this reason, many lotions on the market today are more topical, meaning they remain in the outermost layers of the skin. Lotions and otherremedies containing emu oil penetrate deeper into your skin to provide longer lasting moisture and healing. Emu oil alone is a fantastic remedy for cuts and burns because of its anti-inflammatory and transdermal properties.

One of the most amazing findings in recent years has been the treatment of non-healing wounds such as bed sores, burns, and diabetes related ulcers, among others. Because of the transdermal properties of the emu oil, it can be added to other applications to deliver vitamins, anti-oxidants and antibiotics to the wound, while reducing inflammation.  According to an EMAILWIRE.COM article from July of 2008, Dr. Robert Winston is excited about how emu oil has changed treatment options for his patients, saying, “using a transdermal delivery system allows antibiotic dosage 40 to 60 times greater than achieved by IV administration, without the danger of liver or kidney damage.” He is a Board Certified Practitioner of Internal Medicine and has practiced medicine for over 25 years.

For more information on emu oil products and their beneficial properties visit the 4 D Acres Emu Oil and Emu Factswebsites.


Christmas Lights, Flashlights and the Emu Round-Up

Christmas always brings back memories of a day in the life of an Emu Farmer. It was an early, early Sunday morning, about a week before Christmas. Temperatures were in the mid 20’s as I woke at 2:00 am and headed into the other room to wake one of my sons. It was time to get dressed and ready to take a trip to North Central Kansas where we would be picking up some birds from a farmer who had decided that he was ready to retire from emu farming.

After meeting another emu farm couple who would also be getting some birds, picking up my other son, and stopping to have breakfast, we pulled into our destination about an hour after sunrise. Maneuvered into is more accurate as the roads were heavily rutted and the farm road was tight for 2 trucks and trailers.

While we easily loaded the breeder pair onto my trailer, the fun was about to begin. The other emus were roaming freely in a large open space enclosed by a very weak fence. We took into account that emu can just as easily run 30 mph as they can jump a six foot fence. The wife of the other emu farmer would hold the door open or closed as necessary, while her husband helped me and my sons round up the remaining emu, one by one, to walk them to the trailer. Sounds easy enough, right?

After the sun rose, the air and ground temperatures started to rise quickly into the upper 40’s, so the once frozen ground now became a mud pit. After slipping on a fence panel buried in the mud, I fell and twisted my knee, while a fugitive emu escaped from the trailer back into the pen, using me as a launch pad.  We slipped and slid as we corralled and wrangled the rest of the emu into the two trailers. While this would have been a YouTube video sure to go viral, no cameras were present to capture the chaos.

While we should have been done by 9:00 am, by 11:00 we had loaded all the emu and were headed out the way we came in, but the roads had gone from frozen ruts to a slimy, muddy slip-n-slide. We were glad that we had 4 x 4’s or we certainly wouldn’t have made it off the country roads. We were now well on our way to the processing plant in Central Kansas, and little did we know that we were in for more fun.

Emu are funny birds. As hard as they are to load onto a trailer, they often don’t want to get off once safely aboard. (Never mind the one that mistook me for a diving board.) While unloading all but two pairs of breeders into pens, one emu decided after he was off the trailer, that he would march right back up the ramp to the trailer again.

We finally finished at 2:00 pm, and famished, headed to a burger joint for a well deserved meal. We said goodbye to my youngest son, and the eldest and I headed back to 4 D Acres, completing our 450 mile round trip, only to arrive after dark. Because earlier attempts to unload the birds in the dark had failed, we decided to leave them safely on the trailer until morning.

My wife, waking early at 4 am to handle some of the feeding and farm chores, saw that it was beginning to rain. Knowing that my son and I were still sleeping off our long day, she decided to see if she could unload one of the breeder pairs by herself. Because each pair was in a separate compartment, it seemed that unloading just two at a time might be easier. As it was still dark, she had a flashlight with her, and when she shined it into the trailer to check on the birds, they started to follow the beam of light, right off the trailer. Might as well try it with the second pair as well. They seemingly unloaded themselves, mesmerized by the light. After my son and I heard the story of her super powers, we had to give her a good-natured ribbing, asking her where she was when we were loading the birds. We might just have to call her the Emu Whisperer.

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