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Special Treats For Special Pets

We know how important your pets are to you. How do we know? Because we have them too! Rusty was our Brittany Spaniel who brought character and companionship to 4 D Acres until about 3 years ago. We named our line of pet products after him. Currently we have four barn cats, Smoky, Katrina, Goldie, and Dot – Dot being a gray cat with a white spot on her chest. They are busy all day keeping the barn free of little critters.

We like to give them treats to show our appreciation for their tireless dedication to keeping the barn clear of rodents by feeding them Rusty’s Pet Treats. Our new, all natural treats for your dog or cat are made with low fat emu meat and added flax seed for healthy Omega 3 benefits that animals need as well. So, not only are they healthy but they taste great as well. We know you care about what you feed your pets, so we want you to know exactly what you are feeding them when you buy Rusty’s Pet Treats. Two options are available.

"Rusty’s Pet Treats Ingredients: Emu, fortified textured soy protein, natural hickory smoke flavor, water, milk, soy flour, and seasonings.”
“Rusty’s Pet Treats Omega 3 Ingredients: Emu meat, flax seed, barley grits, natural hickory smoke flavor, salt, garlic powder, tomato powder, dextrose, spices, nonfat dry milk, sweet whey, soy sauce powder.”

Our cats love them just as much as the dogs do. The treats are like jerky pieces, easily edible and digestible for your four-legged friends. In January, save 25% when you order 4 packs of either the 4 oz or 8 oz sizes of the Original Recipe or Omega 3. 4 oz Rusty’s Pet Treats 8 oz Rusty’s Pet Treats 4 oz Rusty’s Pet Treats Omega 3 8 oz Rusty’s Pet Treats Omega 3  

Visit the www.4dacresemuoil.com, call 877.837.4119 or email info@4dacres.com to place your order.

Emu Meat is Good Eats

Did you know that emu meat, particularly the emu meat sold by 4D Acres has the highest protein content of any USDA inspected meat sold in the United States? And YES, our meat is USDA inspected as well, insuring you the highest quality of meat - safe, wholesome, and correctly labeled and packaged. We are often asked questions about our meat. For example, do we raise emus specifically for the meat? While the meat is obviously a valuable product, at 4D Acres, it is a byproduct, as we raise our emu specifically for the emu oil, and its amazing healing benefits.

That being said, we also recognize the value to the health conscious consumer of a meat that is high in protein and low in fat, and that is also incredibly versatile. For that reason, we do have meat available for purchase and we can ship it. We get about 25 to 30 pounds of meat per bird, and sell it in steak filets, ground meat, and also in jerky and meat sticks. The jerky and meat sticks are easily shipped as they do not require refrigeration, and the prices on the website reflect that. For the steaks and ground emu meat, we recommend that you call for pricing, as the cost is determined by the weight of your meat package as well as the special shipping requirements to get your meat to you fresh.

We invite you to try our recipe for Emu Burgers.

1 lb. ground emu

1 egg (1 chicken egg or ¼ c. emu egg)

salt, pepper, to taste




ketchup and mustard

4 hamburger buns

Blend ground emu, egg, salt and pepper in bowl with a fork. Don’t overmix. Make 4 patties. Grill or pan fry over medium heat. Place patties on buns. Garnish with onion, tomatoes, pickles, ketchup and mustard. You can add cheese for a tasty cheeseburger. Serves 4.

Top Testimonials

Despite the fact that we have been in the emu business for over 15 years, we never tire of hearing the success stories and testimonials from happy customers. We thought we’d share some of the most amazing ones with you. One of our customers wrote about how the emu oil worked to minimize scarring after major surgery.
I had purchased the Emu oil for my father that had open heart surgery. We started applying as soon as we received the oil. The scar on his chest looks fantastic! This is the first time he heard about the oil and he loves it. I am ordering him another one. This is a wonderful healing product. Thank you so much. - D.H. Overland Park, KS
Another of our customers was so enthusiastic that she thought it deserved attention from a nationally syndicated talk show.
I love your products so much that I wrote Dr. Oz to brag about them. The Golden Magic is just that...MAGIC!! I have fought dry skin all my life. Now I just use two drops of Golden Magic, and I am moisturized and hydrated. I use the massage oil in the shower to lock in moisture and then use the body lotion after the shower. I love the shampoo and conditioner. As my other products are finished, I will replace them all with your products. Great stuff. I am 54 and don't look it now. Even my neck is losing wrinkles! Thanks for great products. - J.P. Savannah, GA
And since it is dry skin season, we will leave you with this one. This customer has a skin condition that might be further exacerbated by the need to bathe in a Jacuzzi frequently, which can dry skin as water evaporates. She has found a solution to more than one problem here.
Every winter I deal with dry skin and it does not seem to matter how much lotion I use. I also, due to back injuries, spend time each day in a Jacuzzi bathtub. I inquired about the Emu Oil and came home with a bottle and lots of hope. I was not disappointed! I put 2 to 3 squirts into the bath water, and while I bubble away the stress and pain, the Emu Oil sooths and hydrates my skin. It has made my life so much more comfortable. No more itchy dry skin! I have also found since using this product that my other medications seem to work better. Pain in life is not fun, but with the right things you can make a difference. My whole family loves the 4 D Acres line of products, and we have had wonderful results! Thank you so much for making this available. - K. W. King City, MO
Do you have any stories or testimonials of how 4 D Acres products have helped you? We'd love to hear from you. Email us at info@4dacres.com

4 D Acres Announces the 12 Days of Christmas

Normally, we offer one product special each month for the entire month, but for December we wanted to offer you the opportunity to take advantages of a multitude of specials. So we are offering 12 different products, offered at a great price for one day only. AND that includes FREE SHIPPING!*      

Dec. 10 – 4 oz Psori Care ll

Dec. 11 – 2 oz Super Rich Moisturizer

Dec. 12 – 2 oz A/R Crème

Dec. 13 – 8 oz Hand & Body Lotion – both lightly scented and unscented

Dec. 14 – 4 oz Emu Oil

Dec. 15 – 3.5 oz Muscle Joint Plus  

Dec. 17 – 4 oz Facial Cream

Dec. 18 – 2 oz White Satin

Dec. 19 – .5 oz Derma 50

Dec. 20 – 1 oz Golden Magic

Dec. 21 – Emu Oil Gel Caps Dietary Supplement

Dec. 22 – Clear Emu Oil  

To take advantage of the special, your order must be placed via phone or online on the day of the special. Additional products placed on the order will also be shipped for free*, but only the product indicated on that particular day will receive a discount.

To find out just how much you can save, click on the above product(s) of choice on their assigned days. Order from there or call us at 1 877 837 4119.  

*Only includes emu oil products, excludes meat, bones, crafts, eggs.

Influence Your World

4 D Acres has had the pleasure of doing business with influenSPHERE. influenSPHERE was formed when Michele Jennae of Sacramento, CA decided to take her business and networking expertise and begin a coaching service designed to help people make deeper connections within their sphere of influence.

The name was born by combining influence with sphere, with strategic mention of the word influence first. Through her coaching, seminars, and speaking engagements, Michele conveys the idea that while everyone has a sphere of influence, they often fail to capitalize on the areas and people where they potentially have the most influence. She specializes in helping build powerful relationships with COI’s (Centers of Influence) within a network with simple, proven, but often underutilized methods.

Michele’s purpose with influenSPHERE is to help you live the life that becomes the story you’d like to leave behind, because she believes that the way you live your life becomes your story. With a particular focus on artists, Michele helps people discover what their vision is for their life, strategizing and setting goals that will help them achieve more of that they really want. Michele has a profound sense of empathy for the brave souls that are pursuing their dreams, especially the dreams that fly in the face of the traditional career path. She believes that living the life you were meant to live is the best way to influence the world, both directly and indirectly. She provides writing, coaching, and speaking services to encourage artists to share their stories!

Her professional career has included sales and marketing, recruiting, and management, all of which would ultimately help her as she began influenSPHERE. While many artists feel as if they just want to practice their art, but still hope to make money from it, Michele’s task is to help them understand that they are indeed a “business,” and while not wholly traditional, they do need to understand branding, target market, marketing strategy, social media, etc. Her tagline is now “Dedicated to the Art of Business, and the Business of the Arts.”

As an artist herself (singing, acting, and fine arts), she has a deeper understanding of the creative aversion to business as usual, and hopes to be able to help bridge the gap.

For more information, visit www.influenSPHERE.com    

Serious Pain Relief Made Simple

Purple Rub is an amazing new pain relief cream excellent for sore muscles, achy joints, sprains and strains, and day-to-day discomforts from sports, chores and all activities. Purple Rub has an enjoyable cooling sensation when applied to the skin with a pleasant, light scent of menthol.

Because Purple Rub is an all-natural product, it has no adverse side effects and does not cause the skin irritations sometimes associated with other rubs due to their chemical ingredients, polymers and thickeners. Most topical creams available today contain chemical agents that block your pores, inhibiting the active ingredients from performing at 100% efficiency, thus decreasing healing activity.

Purple Rub contains no chemical ingredients. It is an all-natural formulation that also contains no polymers that can clog the skin's pores. The fact that Purple Rub contains 30% emu oil gives it a high transdermal efficiency factor for carrying active ingredients deep into the third layer of the derma. Purple Rub's ability to travel deep into the skin provides you with maximum healing benefits and relief from aches and pains.

"My daughter is going to a 'Yoga Boot Camp' and was hurting in the calves of her legs. She said the Purple Rub wasn't going to help so I said 'let's only rub one leg and not both to see'. Well the next day she called and wanted me to get her some because the leg we rubbed didn't hurt. Just wanted to say thanks for a great product." - M. Wilson Overland Park, Kansas

It's Comfort Food Season

Fall is here. Cooler weather and shorter days mean that it's comfort food season. It's time to fill the kitchen with the simmering scents of soups, chilis, and sauces. Today, we'd like to share one of our favorite 4D Acres Recipes with you, our Italian Emu Meatballs, to go with your favorite spaghetti and homemade or jarred spaghetti or marinara sauce. 

Italian Emu Meatballs

1 lb. ground emu
1 Tbsp. minced dried onions
1/2 tsp. salt
1 Tbsp. coarse dried parsley flakes
1/4 c. grated Parmesan cheese
1/4 c. emu egg or 1 chicken egg
1/8 tsp. Italian seasoning
2 cloves garlic, minced
1/8 tsp. ground black pepper
1/3 c. plain bread crumbs

In a bowl add all ingredients, mix with two forks until blended. Form 1 inch meatballs and place on a non-stick baking sheet. *Bake at 325° for 18 to 20 minutes. Serve with spaghetti sauce over pasta. Makes 38 to 40 meatballs.

*Baked Meatballs can be frozen in freezer bags for up to three months, and then heated to warm in your favorite sauce. Uncooked meatballs can be frozen for up to four months, but should be thawed in the refrigerator before baking.


4 D Acres FAQ 1

Much of what we do at 4 D Acres is answer questions. We want to let you in on what other people are asking in case you had the same question but hadn’t asked it yet.

Q. I am trying to understand the differences between the various emu oils. It looks like the more qualities you are touting, the more refined the oil is, which is a little counter-intuitive to me! Please enlighten me. My main interest is in moisturizing, though I'm certainly interested in pain relief as well.

A. The differences between our 100% Pure Emu Oil, Clear Emu Oil and Ultra Emu oil are as follows:

Our 100% Pure Emu Oil is fully refined in a food grade, inspected refinery and is a creamy white oil. The creamy whiteness is from solids that melt at skin temperature and are absorbed into the skin.

The Clear Emu Oil is the 100% Pure Emu Oil which goes through a process called winterization that removes these solids (not additional refining) thus providing an oil which is absorbed by the skin faster as no solids are present.

Ultra Emu Oil
is the 100% Pure Emu Oil which has had some anti-inflammatory inhibitors removed by a patent pending process (not additional refining) thus making it 45% more effective for pain than the 100% Pure Emu Oil or the Clear Emu Oil.  

Q. I have a question about the Emu Oil soft gel caps. I have a lot of allergies so I have to check anything I ingest extremely carefully (even more than what I put on my skin). So I need from you please a complete list of everything that is in these gel caps, including what type of capsules they are. This would solve a real problem for me if there's nothing in there that will make me sick.

A. The Emu Oil Gel Caps consist solely of Pure Emu Oil with less than .2 of 1% of Tocopherol (All Natural Vitamin E) enclosed in a Gelatin Capsule.

Please submit additional questions regarding emu oil, 4 D Acres, and 4 D Acres products to info@4dacres.com.

Announcing the Emu Oil Gift Pack

Are you looking for the perfect way to give emu oil a try, or do you need a perfect gift to show someone else just why you love our products at 4 D Acres?

We are offering a special gift pack for a limited time that includes a 2 oz bottle of hand and body lotion, scented or unscented, a lip balm (available in a variety of flavors), and a .25 oz Roll On Emu Oil.

Our hand and body lotions moisturize and soften the skin, while penetrating deeply to remedy dry and chapped skin. Only a small amount is needed. They are available in both lightly scented and unscented.

Our lip balms contain all natural ingredients in addition to emu oil, like Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter to treat your lips to a protective and moisturize your lips. They are available in flavorless, or in French Vanilla, Peppermint, Strawberry or Coconut.

The Roll On Emu Oil is one of our newest additions to our product line - a quarter ounce of pure emu oil in a handy roll on applicator. It is a perfect way to apply just the right amount of emu oil quickly to dry lips, a bruise, or a burn and is a handy way to carry emu oil with you in your pocket or purse.

The items in the gift pack would cost you $13.25 if purchased separately, but is now available for a limited time for only $12.00. Save over 10% AND get FREE SHIPPING (within the United States). We’ll even ship directly to the recipient of your choice and enclose a gift tag and mail you the receipt. Your friends and family will love it.

To order your gift pack and select your scent and flavor options, click here: GIFT PACK

Emu Oil for Muscle Pain

According to WiseGeek.com (clear answers for common questions), muscle inflammation “is a condition characterized by swelling, stiffness, non-specific pain, and muscle soreness or weakness.” This may be caused by a variety of factors, including auto-immune diseases. “In the absence of an autoimmune disease, most cases of simple muscle inflammation can be attributed to overexertion while exercising or participating in recreational sports.”


Regardless of the cause, the stiffness and pain resulting from the inflammation is often debilitating, if not limiting to the daily activities of living. While various remedies are offered, including ice and heat, a topical application of a muscle rub is often helpful. In fact, many rubs offer the hot and cold sensations to provide a numbing cool sensation, as well as increased blood circulation from the heat.

Emu oil is now added to many topical muscle creams due to its anti-inflammatory properties, as well as its transdermal properties. It has the ability to penetrate the skin and go deep into the muscles, while serving as a healing agent, AND as a carrier for other healing components of the muscle rub.

Emu oil alone is incredibly effective as well. In fact in an experiment by researchers at UMass Lowell, “fish oil reduced the thickness caused by inflammation in mice by 55 percent; emu oil by 70 percent.” While they are cautious to note that experiments in mice might have different results than in humans, but they are encouraged by the results.


The Unique Properties of Emu Oil ~ Part 2

In an earlier post we explored some of the properties of emu oil by posting links to scientific evidence regarding those qualities. We will continue to do the same for three more properties of emu oil, including the qualities of non-comedogenic, immunity boosting, and high absorption.
While emu oil is just beginning to make its mark in the world of clinical trials, there are some studies that seem to indicate that the qualities of pure emu oil are well founded. We will share a few of those studies with you regarding some key properties of emu oil. Click on the red text to open hyperlinked article.

· Non-Comedogenic ~ Does not clog pores
Moisturizing and cosmetic properties of emu oil: A pilot double blind study
In 1994, Dr. Alexander Zemstov conducted a "double blind" study on the properties of Emu Oil and he concluded the following properties of Emu oil: highly penetrating, emulsifier, bacteriostatic, low irritation potential, and non-comedogenic.”

· Stimulates skin immune system
Omega 3 and Your Immune System Because of the Omega 3 content in emu oil, it is said to boost the immune system in the skin. Here is an article that talks specifically about Omega 3 fatty acids with regard to immunity.

· Promotes faster healing due to rapid absorption
Emu Oil Research
The second to the last article on the above page, Emu Cream Assists Lidocaine: Local Anesthetic Absorption through Human Skin, suggests that the absorption from emu oil actually allows it to serve as a carrier for other medications into the skin to areas where healing needs to occur.  

Further information regarding these properties can be found in this article that focuses on hair loss but actually elaborates on other benefits and qualities of emu oil, citing specific scientific research.  

As always, any questions can be directed to mailto:info@4dacres.com.


Like Pure Water

Like pure water, 100% Pure Fully Refined Clear Emu Oil is clear. And the benefits are clear as well. Because of the further refining of this product, it penetrates your skin quicker and begins to work on the healing faster.

Regular emu oil is a creamy white and while it is still a grade A oil, and is great to use for all topical applications, the 100% Pure Fully Refined Clear Emu Oil has had all cloudiness (solids which melt at skin temperature) removed to give you a product that is so effective in its fast penetration that you can apply it right before your makeup without the need to wait, as it to absorbs quickly before you begin to apply your foundation. It will add instant moisture and even plump up fine lines around the eyes, and is great to use all over the face and neck to give your skin a smoother and healthier appearance. (Men can also use emu oil on their face to help with razor burn and those fine lines that they also get as they age.)

Just one or two drops are sufficient to cover and moisturize your entire face. You can even use it on your cuticles, split fingers, bruises, and aching muscles. It is perfect to use anywhere you want quick penetration and fast relief.

Once Upon a Time, There Was an Emu Farmer, Part 4

  Two very special emus reside on the farm at 4 D Acres. Barney is their pet and Blue is their farm mascot. You might wonder what the difference is. Blue travels with Mike for the purposes of ag education. He doesn’t get stressed on the trailer but Barney does. On the other hand, Barney is much more at ease than Blue with crowds at the farm, and so is a staple attraction at the farm tours.

Their guard llama is named Sambo. When compared to guard dogs, the llama can not be drawn out by a pack of coyotes, unlike the dogs which might be lured away. The llama does not leave what it is protecting. After a year old, the emus are generally big enough and strong enough to fend for themselves so Sambo is on vacation until the next batch of birds are put out on pasture.

In addition to the emus and llamas, 4 D Acres raise chickens, and they have had goats, pigs, cattle, sheep and dogs in the past. They have pet cats as well to keep the mice population low.

Current projects on the farm include preparing for the next brooding season. The upcoming winter season will bring craft shows and farm shows followed by lawn and garden shows in the spring. As the daylight grows shorter, days on the farm at 4 D Acres do not, evening chores just get done earlier.

Mike and Dee welcome any questions via email at info@4dacres.com and visits to the farm via scheduled appointments only.


If Every Day Were Saturday

If every day were Saturday, life at 4 D Acres would be tough to handle. Fortunately it comes only once a week.

Saturdays are Farmers’ Market days, and because the markets open at 6:30 a.m., our day actually starts on Friday afternoon. We begin by stocking the freezers on the truck and the trailer with emu meat and chicken which will be available for sale at the market. Then our emu oil products must be inventoried and strategically loaded in market crates to make placement easy once we arrive. Following a check list, we also make sure that we have sales receipts and calculators loaded with appropriate sales tax rates.

In addition to all of the prep work for the next day, the current day’s obligations must be handled first, phones answered, orders filled, packed and shipped by 4:30 p.m. If the phones are busy, the inventorying and packing for market must wait. All in all, when we make it to the post office before it closes with the outgoing orders, and to bed by 9:00 p.m., we consider ourselves lucky.

No matter what time we get to sleep on Friday night, we follow a strict schedule on Saturday. That means that we rise no later than 3:00 a.m. to quietly shower and dress so we don’t wake the rest of the household. If any orders come in via the internet during the night, they are handled immediately. Our goal is to leave the house by 4:00 a.m. sharp and head to the local gas station to fill up the gas tank, and get a hot or cold drink for the drive ahead.

Mike arrives at the Overland Park Market* around 5:00 a.m. to begin setup, a process that has now become second nature. Set up the tables with product, signage, and our newsletter signup sheet. David arrives around 6:00 a.m. with to pick up the truck, also loaded with a freezer and products and heads to the Merriam Market* to set up his area. From 6:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Mike and David spend the time talking with customers and market attendees, as well as other vendors. Both sell product, answer questions about the oil, the meat, the bird and the 4 D Acres farm. If it is not too busy, they take the opportunity to fit in a breakfast break, buying food from one of the other vendors.

Once the crowds retreat, the process begins its reversal, repack everything and load the trailer. Meeting up again around 2:30 p.m., Mike and David head somewhere to enjoy a late but welcomed lunch before heading back to the farm to unload.

Dinner is usually ready by the time the unloading is done and we enjoy our meal before heading to the office to input the sales for the day. On a good day, this is all done by 7:00 p.m. The plan is then for Mike and Dee to relax in front of the TV for a while before it is bedtime. Inevitably, Mike falls asleep on the couch and Dee wakes him about 9:00 p.m. to tell him it is time for bed.

So as you can see, there are not enough hours in the day for every day to be Saturday. For that we are thankful!

*Because of Mike’s farm commitments and David’s work schedule, they currently are not doing the Saturday Farmers’ Markets.

3 Tips for the Proper Care of Emu Oil

Emu oil is becoming well known for its many positive healthy properties, but like any natural product, it has a limited shelf life. Proper care of your emu oil can extend its usefulness.

4 D Acres emu oil has a shelf life of 2 to 3 years from the time it is refined, and we keep all of our oil in refrigeration until the point of sale in order to maintain its freshness for our customers. Once you have purchased the oil, it is advisable to follow a few steps to properly care for your oil.

  1. Keep in a dry, dark place. Sunlight causes oxidization which breaks down the oil and can cause it to become rancid.
  2. Keep the lid on tight. Air is another cause of oxidization. Keeping the lid on tight will help maintain the oil and keep it from absorbing odors from other products in the vicinity.
  3. Buy Thrifty. Purchasing a larger bottle of emu oil can be extremely cost-effective. If you purchase a large size emu oil, you should keep it in the refrigerator and take it out only to fill your small container. To do this, run the larger container under warm water until the oil liquefies. Pour the oil into the small container and return the large container to the refrigerator.
When any oil begins to smell, it is the first sign that your oil is turning rancid. It has not been determined if this affects the properties of emu oil. 4 D Acres chooses not to scent our oil so that you are aware of any changes to your emu oil.
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