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This Isn’t Just Any Dog and Pony Show

If you were to have a dog and pony show – a travelling circus in the late 19th, early 20thcenturies – you’d want your dogs and ponies to be in tip top shape! 4 D Acres can help! It’s no dog trick that you can keep your pet’s coat shiny and healthy by adding emu oil to their diet with just a few drops in their food. The rich emollients in the emu oil also help restore the beauty to their hair when added to your favorite pet shampoo. If your pet has had a real dog day and injured itself, the transdermal properties of the emu oil speed healing and aids in reduced scarring. See what this dog lover has to say about Rusty's Refined Emu Oil.
Our dog ZAPATO is a large black and silver German Shepherd and Lab mix. We were told she was allergic to the saliva in flea bites, so every time she was bitten it caused a large red bump. Her vet put her on medication for 2 months and finally the bumps were gone. But then we had another problem, the medication had left her skin dry as toast, and she had huge white flakes in her fur. It looked like a very bad case of dandruff. What her vet sold me didn't work, and the biting and scratching got worst. Then I remembered buying Rusty's Refined Emu Oil and started using it on her problem areas. It calmed her skin down immediately and gave her much needed relief. Now after 3 weeks here dry skin condition is gone and so are the white flakes. ZAPATO's coat feel like silk and is in beautiful condition. I used a small amount of oil and rubbed it in with my fingers by giving her a puppy massage. Thank you Rusty and Mike - CL & ZAPATO TOO Merriam KS
We’re not horsing around with your ponies either. Does your equine have cracked hooves or open wounds from fences or equipment? Equine Aid is a deep penetrating, non-irritating, highly moisturizing, all natural nutritional supplement to the skin. Keep one in your first aid kit. Don’t take it from us. Check out this reviews by some of our faithful customers.
At the Farm and Ranch Show this week I learned for the first time of emu oil, and the benefits it can have for cuts on horses. I decided to buy some to have on hand, just in case. Unbelievably enough this very Friday our 8 month old filly didn't like that we moved her mother to another location. One of the benefits for doing this was to try to wean the filly. But she panicked tonight and jumped the neighbor's fence that is chain link with a hot wire and barbed wire on top. She received about 6 different very large gashes across her chest and above her leg. I called our vet but could not get a hold of anyone. I thought of the emu oil that I had just purchased. I applied it with a Q-tip, but I wanted to confirm are we supposed to do anything else besides apply it twice a day? How much of it are we supposed to try and get into or onto the cuts? The timing of all this I whole heart believe it's nothing short of a miracle. The Lord's guidance was definitely involved in the decision to purchase the Equine Aide. Thank You, - I. B. Wichita, Kansas
  Just when you thought the show was over:  
I want to thank you for letting me know that the Emu Oil would be safe in treating my cat (Angel's) wound. She was hurt and I found out late in the evening. I noticed she had a lump on her side, when I went to investigate the wound erupted. I cleaned her up and she was not happy. After calling you I put Emu Oil on the wound and the next morning it was healed. What a miracle. I was already convinced you have a great product, but after this it was confirmed beyond belief. I saved a lot of money and worry by using the (Emu) oil and it was easier on Angel. She is not fond of the ride to the vet. Thank you! so so much! - S.T. Shawnee, KS
  So whether you have dogs or ponies or a herd of cats, consider 4 D Acres Emu Oil Products for your pets. Rusty's Refined Emu Oil and Equine Aid are grade B oil, which means that it is refined but does not meet the international trade rules for a grade A oil. Perfect for animal use.

Emu Oil’s Quick Delivery

I’m not talking about product delivery with Priority or Express Mail. I’m not talking about the fact that the emu bird can easily run 35 to 40 miles per hour.  I am talking about the transdermal qualities of the emu oil.

Transdermal is a term that is used throughout my website, catalog, brochures and blog, and I thought it might be a good idea to explain just what that means to you as a consumer. Transdermal means that it quickly penetrates into the deeper layers of your skin instead of remaining strictly on the surface. The highly transdermal properties of emu oil contribute to the quick delivery of healing components.

According to an article by Dr. Frank Orthoefer, called “Looking Into Emu Oil”, the beneficial biological properties of emu oil were substantiated by the research of noted scientist and investigator, Dr. Robert Nicolosi of the University of Massachusetts. Emu oil was found to have significant  cholesterol lowering, anti-inflammatory and transdermal characteristics. These findings were pivotal because until then, the qualities of emu oil were based largely on testimonials and anecdotal evidence and not cold hard scientific facts.

Our skin consists of 3 primary layers, the epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue. Both the epidermis and dermis have several layers themselves which provide different functions. One of the primary functions of the epidermis is to protect your body from bacteria and infection. For this reason, it does not easily absorb just any liquid. Think about when you wash your hands. Your hands are not absorbing water while you wash.

For this reason, many lotions on the market today are more topical, meaning they remain in the outermost layers of the skin. Lotions and otherremedies containing emu oil penetrate deeper into your skin to provide longer lasting moisture and healing. Emu oil alone is a fantastic remedy for cuts and burns because of its anti-inflammatory and transdermal properties.

One of the most amazing findings in recent years has been the treatment of non-healing wounds such as bed sores, burns, and diabetes related ulcers, among others. Because of the transdermal properties of the emu oil, it can be added to other applications to deliver vitamins, anti-oxidants and antibiotics to the wound, while reducing inflammation.  According to an EMAILWIRE.COM article from July of 2008, Dr. Robert Winston is excited about how emu oil has changed treatment options for his patients, saying, “using a transdermal delivery system allows antibiotic dosage 40 to 60 times greater than achieved by IV administration, without the danger of liver or kidney damage.” He is a Board Certified Practitioner of Internal Medicine and has practiced medicine for over 25 years.

For more information on emu oil products and their beneficial properties visit the 4 D Acres Emu Oil and Emu Factswebsites.


Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes Pain Relief

Just hearing those first four words brings the popular children’s  jingle to my mind and makes me want to move, touching my hands to my head, then onto my shoulders, bending to the knees and all the way to my toes.

Sometimes that is easier said than done. If those same muscles and joints that allow us to move are suffering from pain and inflammation, we might only be able to sing along. Naturally, we want to have relief from our aches and pains, but the challenge is determining what remedy will work for us, while preferably being natural and having a minimum or absolutely no unfavorable side effects.

Consider 4 D Acres Muscle-Joint Plus. This powerful cream is highly effective, odorless, and deep penetrating, but without the potentially bothersome heat effect in so many topical muscle creams.

Muscle-Joint Plus is different from other types of remedies on the market because it starts with 20% Ultra™ Emu Oil. Emu oil has transdermal properties, which means that it penetrates quickly into the deepest layers of your skin, serving as a transport method for other topical remedies. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, and when combined with the naturally therapeutic benefits of Glucosamine Sulfate, Pregnenelone, MSM (Menthyl Sulfonyl Methane) and Natural Vitamin E, it makes Muscle-Joint Plus a powerhouse aid for your muscle and joint pain.

When using the highly concentrated and fast penetrating Muscle-Joint Plus, only a small amount is needed and relief can be felt in as little as 10 minutes.

You’ll soon be touching your toes and dancing a jig, or at the very least going about your daily activities with less pain, reduced inflammation and more freedom of movement.

Do you prefer a topical pain cream with or without heat effects?

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